Thursday, January 3, 2008

Book Review : God Gave Us Two

God Gave Us Two
by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Tonight is the coldest night we have had so far since I moved back to AL and I figured it would be a great start to the new year to curl up in a blanket with my favorite little man and review another one of Lisa's books! It will drop into the 20s tonight which is unheard of seeing as last week it hit the 70s on several ocassions. I have an awful cold and at this rate I will never get over it as it will be back in the 50-60s by this weekend.

If you have a little one and a little one on the way this book is for you. I know many parents struggle with a way to explain what a blessing it is to have a new baby to their older kids but this book easily bridges that gap for you.

Connor does not have a little brother or sister on the way anytime soon but when he does we will be revisiting this book often. He is such an amazing blessing on my life and I can't wait for him to have a little brother or sister to share our lives with (though its going to be awhile!)

My favorite part of the book is when Little Cub asks if she can move next door if the baby cries too much... lol don't we all wish that at least in passing on ocassion?

There is a bit of a twist at the end of the book and if your pregnant with twins its one your going to want to check out!

I'm going to go get back under the blanket with my own little gift from god and snuggle up until it warms up a bit around here. I still have several more books from Lisa to review and there will be a few surprises (giveaways!) along the way as well. Keep checking back!

You can buy God Gave us Two on Amazon for $9.99!

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Anonymous said...

This book sounds absolutely sweet! Hopefully this year I'll have a perfect reason to purchase it!

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