Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleep Review : Cloud B Twilight Turtle

He looks like a cute stuffed turtle, he feels like a cute stuffed turtle (minus the hard shell) but at bedtime with just a push of a button he becomes the coolest night light a kid could have!

I'm slowly becoming a huge Cloud B fan and the Twilight Turtle does not dissapoint. He looks adorable sitting on Connor's dresser and at night we turn him on and watch the stars on the ceiling. He comes with an automatic timer so no need to run in and risk waking your child up to turn him off. You may also choose what color he lights up (blue, amber, or green).

Not just a night light he is a great teaching tool, each section of his shell represents a diffrent constellation, and he does come with a book to help you identify them on the cling for those of you (like myself) who cannot find them without a little help. I've got to hurry up and learn them so I can look like I knew all along when Connor is old enough to help me find them!

He also has a sister, the Twilight Ladybug for all the girls out there, or those of you that just want something a bit diffrent.

You can get your own Twilight Turtle or Twilight Ladybug from Amazon!


Sassyfrazz said...

My son just got this for Christmas (this weekend) and WE ALL love it! I know we had a belated Christmas...but oh, well.

I really think this product is super!

Blooming said...

We have one of these too, and it is the only thing that we insisted we get for our daughter. The second I saw it I had to have it.

Hmm...I found this page when I was trying to find another one of the stuffed turtles I won at a carnival.

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