Thursday, December 13, 2007

Book Review : Time to Say Goodnight

Time to Say Goodnight
By Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally sent this book over a week ago and Connor has been in a rare mood of not wanting to sleep and screaming his brains out right before bed time (not the crying sort of screaming.. but the full on squeals of joy that will drive a poor mother insane after a few hours) he has learned to crawl in sorts and spends most of the day squealing and shimmying around the entire house at a speed that is almost alarming!

Last night was my breaking point and I had to do something to get him to sleep and his normal books and routine were just not doing the trick and I remembered this book sitting on the coffee table waiting for its review! AhHA! Perfect timing!

The entire book is illustrated in a dark almost dreamlike scene that even without the words it sets the mood for sleep. Dark greens, blues, purples are offset with brightly colored and adorable forest creatures. It's really beautiful all in its own right!

All the forest mommies are telling their little ones to go to sleep, in almost a rhythmic pattern that I found is best read slowly as you stare at the beautiful pictures. (Connor couldn't take his eyes off the book!)
"Hopping bunnies, hop, hop, hop.
Stop your hopping, stop, stop, stop!
Stars are dancing in the skies,
Goodnight bunnies, close your eyes!"

At the end of the book there is a twist that will leave you both giggling as you lay your little one to sleep. I personally cannot wait until Connor is just a little older and he will understand enough to find it as adorable as I did!

The best part? My little man went to sleep with a few less tears than normal!

You can read more about the book and all of Sally's fabulous books at on her webpage.

Time to Say Goodnight is available on for $11.99.


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