Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Review : MomAgenda - My quest for the perfect planner!

Spring is coming (or at least spring in the terms of college!) and I am on the quest for a new planner. I have several planners to try out and all of them are fabulous but which one will be right for me? I'm not sure yet.


MomAgenda was gracious enough send me over one of their desktop planners to review. It's stunningly gorgeous.. simple nothing fancy on the cover but its made of this fabric that at first glance appears to be leather but its soft and feels wonderful to the touch.

Everything about this planner is luxurious the pages are beautifully laid out, the quality of the paper is first class and the inside pages are color coded in light pastels that are very pleasing to the eye. Nina (the founder of MomAgenda) thought of just about everything you could dream of and put it inside. Favorite Mommy webpages, Toll Free Numbers, Holidays (listed by year even!), a section for vacation and party planning, and a huge section for notes. It's almost so beautiful I hate to write in it! (my handwriting is awful!) As a bonus there is also a MomEssentials tucked into the back of the planner which is basically a removable (and replaceable) address and important information folder. It tracks not only your phone numbers, but all important information, medical information, and birthdays.

The calender portion of this planner is laid out in two "areas" the first one is a quick glance area perfect for short notes and major events. The second area is day by day and there is a section for not only you, but extra slots for four additional people as well as a dinner area perfect for planning your daily menus. If your a mom of multiple children you MUST get this planner. My cousin has four kids, two dogs, a active husband, several children she babysits, and runs the nursery at her church. I cannot help to think that his planner would be amazing for her!

Every detail is so thoughtfully laid out that I'm still in awe. The desktop planner sells for $42 and may be personalized. It comes in an assortment of yummy colors including pink, fuschia, green, blue, and brown. I honestly had a hard time choosing which color I wanted!!

The only con to this planner for my own sake is its sheer size. Its 7x9x1 (about the size of a standard hardcover novel) which for most people would be wonderful as it gives you tons and tons of room to plan / take notes / and keep track of addresses and events, however, but as my planner it may just be too big. I need something to tuck into my book bag and carry around with me 24 hours a day. When I'm already toting around a bag full of college books, a diaper bag, a baby, and random shopping it may just be one too many. I'm honestly heart broken as I am so in love with this planner I may just have to make room regardless! For those of you that are curious it is exactly the right size to fit inside your diaper bag though!

Want One?
You may purchase your own MomAgenda for $42.00 off their webpage. Currently they are 15% off and all orders over $75 ship for free! (use code FREEMOM) MomAgenda also comes in a mini size which I am highly tempted to buy!! MomAgenda is also available at Amazon!

Thanks again MomAgenda for allowing us to review your planner! They are simply gorgeous!


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