Saturday, December 15, 2007

Review : Whomi - My quest for the perfect planner!

Spring is coming (or at least spring in the terms of college!) and I am on the quest for a new planner. I have several planners to try out and all of them are fabulous but which one will be right for me? I'm not sure yet.

Whomi - Clarity Compact

Whomi sent me a Clarity Compact to try out and from the moment I opened the package all I could think was WOW this looks perfect.

Right from the get go the first thing I noticed about the planner is the fact that it is completely encased by a thick plastic cover. Before I became a mom I may not
have found that to be a huge selling point, but now with a 7 month old son anything small enough for him to hold and stick into his mouth always ends up there so waterproofing is a huge plus! (my current planner already has chew marks and drool marks and he still lacks teeth) I have an awful habit of handing Connor whatever is close at hand and not small enough to swallow when we are shopping and I need to temporarily distract him. My wallet and planner ends up being the sacrificial something in most cases. Not that I'm saying a planner should be baby proof but it certainly helps!

This planner is compact and certainly small enough t
o fit in almost everyone's purse (about the same size as your checkbook) so its easy to tuck into your purse, diaper bag, or in my case the side of my book bag. Regardless of its size do not let that fool you on its organizing power. Unlike a standard compact planner it has the ability to track four separate schedules organized in both a morning (am), afternoon (pm), and evening schedule. These are all color coded so you can at a small glance know which schedule you are looking at. I could see how this would be amazing when you are in a hurry and trying to figure out who, what, and where you should be! You could also use this feature to track your work, school and home schedules (four schedules in all) or really anyway you can dream up to use each of the slots!

Along with the main planner in the top part of the binder includes a mini calender, address book, birthdays, and contacts. For its size you certainly do not sacrifice any of the abilities of a larger planner. One very very neat addition to this planner is these tiny tear off tabs on each of the corners of the pages. I was fascinated with this feature as I'm a doggie ear queen!

If your attempting to track four or less schedules and need a compact (and somewhat rugged) planner I would highly recommend this planner. To top it off they come in a variety of beautiful prints and your sure to find something to fit your tastes. (Mine came in retro which is stunning and would really appeal to any of those mod girls out there!)

More later this week! I am also planning at least one giveaway this week (most likely two!) and I will announce the winner of our book giveaway Monday morning and post the next giveaway!

If you would like your own Whomi they are available for $25 for the compact or $30 for the larger version. Visit them here.

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