Saturday, March 19, 2011

Game Review : Kidz Bop Dance Party! The Video Game for Wii

I'm whole heartily addicted to dance video games, which is in itself is sort of sad as I'm really not a good dancer in the first place. Though when no one is looking I dance my little heart out to the wii which is not only great exercise but it's the type of exercise you get into and really don't even realize you are doing it in the first place. The biggest problem is Connor usually wants to play with me and with some of the adult themed titles he really has a super hard time keeping up and just ends up getting frustrated.

Kidz Bop Dance Party! The Video Game is a Wii dance game that is truly made for kids. The included songs are popular songs but they are redone with kids in mind. Twenty four songs are included like : Party In The USA, Paparazzi, Since U Where Gone, Thriller, and many more. The songs will appeal to kids as well as get them moving. The game itself though the graphics are not nearly as good as some of the other dance games I have played they are very very colorful and unlike some of the other dance games you can to some extent customize your own avatar.

Now what really sets this title apart from some of the more adult skill level dance games is the actual game play. Kidz Bop Dance Party! is beyond simple in its controls. Actually I'm not so sure if it's a good or a bad thing but practically anyone can play it and as long as you keep the controller moving you can score pretty well no matter if your dance moves really are anything like what's happening on the screen. Connor loved the fact that "he could do it" but if I played it with him I found the whole experience aggravating as I didn't seem to score much differently if I just jumped around like a crazy person or actually attempted to follow the moves.

Now my honest opinion after really thinking about it... I will completely forgive Kidz Bop Dance Party for being geared towards kids, being super simple to control, and lacking some of the graphical aspects of my own dance games. The reason for this is Connor was beyond excited that he could play this game without any help from "Mom" and if it gets him up and moving burning off some of that excess energy it's beyond worth its faults. So all in all if your looking for a kid friendly easy to play dance game for the Wii, we really do recommend it.

Kidz Bop Dance Party! The Video Game is available right now and you can pick up a copy on Amazon!

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