Sunday, March 20, 2011

DVD Review : Dora's Ballet Adventures

I always figured Dora for more of the tomboyish type but in her new dvd adventures Dora is a full out ballet princess which has it's good points and bad. Regardless of if Dora is meant for girls or not, Dora is one of Connor's favorite Nick Jr friends. So much so when we moved into our new house and found one of the bedrooms already decorated with a Dora border it was almost world war kids when we decided to take it down for a more neutral look. Dora's new dvd adventure Dora's Ballet Adventures is  geared more towards the girlie girls and though I think that's absolutely fair as Dora deserves to have a little girl time of her own, it did loose Connor's interest in this particular dvd. With that said it's a great addition to your Dora collection, at least for her girl fans.

Dora's Ballet Adventures is an exclusive of Target and it includes four never seen before episodes all focused on music and dancing!

Included :

  • Dora’s Ballet Adventure - Dora’s dance class is getting ready for a special dance recital and her whole family’s there to watch her perform. They just need to wait for the Delivery Duck to deliver their ballet slippers. But the Delivery Duck brings scuba flippers instead of ballet slippers! Dora and Boots must get the slippers before the recital begins.
  • Dora, La Músico - C’mon and join the musical parade! Dora and Boots are leading a parranda over the Piano Bridge and through the Singing Gate to free the instruments that were locked up by the evil Señor Shhh!
  • The Super Silly Fiesta - Dora and Boots are invited to the Big Red Chicken’s Super Silly Fiesta where there will be silly snacks, silly games, silly hats and even silly dancing. But, the Big Red Chicken lost his party cake! Dora and Boots set off to save the fiesta. After searching forever, they find the cake in the silliest place Big Red Chicken could have left it – on his head!
  • Surprise - It’s Boots’ birthday! Dora tells him that all of his friends are waiting at her house to give Boots a big party. To reach Dora’s house, they’ll have to climb a long flight of Stairs and cross the Troll Bridge.
You can purchase your own copy of Dora's Ballet Adventures at Target!

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