Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mommy and Daddy time post partum is better with a little Pink.

Please note this review is meant for adults only.

After 9+ months of pregnancy, several months of csection recovery, breast feeding, and just having a baby attached to you 24/7. The thing me and my husband most look forward to is those few minutes we have alone together (if at all) a week. Sometimes that's just a few minutes when he gets home from work, as he works night shift, and sometimes its just a few minutes before we both pass out from pure exhaustion before we go to bed on the few nights he does not work. Either way its been almost a year since we both spent any real time truly alone as even before Dylan was born his presence was more than obvious from the fact that I was as large as a hippo towards the end of my pregnancy or the sheer fact that I was sick as a dog pretty much from the second month on.

As much as I look forward to that time alone, I think every mom knows that things do not work exactly the same down there after having a baby as they did before. Even if you have had two csections like I have I think just the wacked out hormones pretty much results in this crazy burst of a sex drive before you give birth and absolutely none at all right after. Or even if you do have one you wonder if things even work anymore. heh. Needless to say I've found that the most important thing you need in your post baby kit is a really great lubricant. I picked up a bottle of Pink from Eden Fantasys right before I gave birth to Dylan after learning the hard way after having Connor that going without it is nearly impossible those first few months and I've been tickled pink (heh no pun intended) with it ever since.

Pink is a silicone based lubricant that was truly designed with women in mind. The first thing you will notice is it comes in a really attractive and sturdy glass bottle that will not look so "obvious" on your dresser actually its pretty enough that I WANT to leave it out. I do not recommend this though if you have small kids in the house as the big PRO to silicone lubricant is its super duper long lasting and even water proof the big negative to that is its super long lasting and waterproof. So if you get it in your hair the only way to really get it out is to wash it out. Left on the skin Pink is a fabulous moisturizer and even includes Aloe and Vitamin E so my hands feel great the next morning and though I'm not menopausal I bet it would be ideal for women who are experiencing dryness. My favorite part about Pink though is since its silicone based its 100% hypoallergenic. I'm super sensitive to anything that touches the palms of my hands and my legs to the point that I can barely use moisturizers at all. I'm so excited to say that not only does it not bother me in the least it leaves my skin feeling amazing. It will not leave you with a burning sensation or contribute to yeast infections if your prone. Actually the only negative thing I have to say about Pink is it leave a slightly tacky feeling on your skin as it drys. I also thought it was a bit costly when I first got my bottle but I've found you need about 1/3 of what you would use of a water based lubricant so in the end it actually ends up being much less expensive.

You can read more reviews on Pink and pick up your own bottle on the Eden Fantasys website!

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