Friday, May 7, 2010

Check out that hair! Falcon Crest The Complete First Season is on DVD!

How can I forget Falcon Crest? My mom was a huge soap opera fan but in the days of Dallas and Falcon Crest I think just about everyone was. Really the two soaps are very familiar, two families in a feud, I just think the ladies of Falcon Crest had a bit smaller hair.

Falcon Crest reminds me a lot of some of the current soap opreas, someone is always in trouble, someone is always dying, the biggest difference in the setting as Falcon Crest is set amongst the winery's of California. Angela (aka Jane Wyman) is the leading lady of the Channing clan and she's a pretty ruthless sort when it comes to getting what she wants. Call me silly but one of my favorite aspects of this series is the super dramatic music they play when something is going down. Not to mention the super cheezy playboy nephew Lorenzo.. just the intro seeing him sitting on that horse in white breeches. I mean really people who rides around in white breeches unless your at a show, even then you panic the entire time hoping you don't get them dirty.

Really my only complaints about this series on dvd is the fact that it was made in the early 80s and the film quality is to that made for tv type time period. Though the pictures are clear everything looks sort of faded and dated to me, it's really obvious at what time point it was made. The other issue is the fact that like many modern day daytime soaps it takes FOREVER for the character's stories to go on and lets not even talk about the fact that they were totally fine with killing off main characters. No magical return to life episodes either. All in all if your a big fan of 80s soaps you will be totally thrilled with this collection and if your a Dallas fan but have never visited with Falcon Crest I think you will be more than surprised.

Falcon Crest The First Complete Season is available right now on Amazon and you can buy yours online!


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