Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Willy is back!

For those of you that wish the main character in the first Free Willy was a girl you will be pleasently suprised by the newest Free Willy release that the main character is indeed a girl, but not just any girl, the youngest Irwin! Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin, makes her first movie debut in quite possibly the most approrpirate role you could imagine for her! What really throws me off is not only has it been 17 years since the first free Willy movie (how on earth did that happen?) but when did Bindi go from being the baby on Steve Irwin's show to being a pretty mature acting pre-teen?

The movie itself is pretty simular to the orginal. Baby Orca gets stranded in a lagoon away from its family and people attempt to profit off its tragic fate. It's up to Kirra and her friends to find the baby's pod and release the baby whale before it dies. Who better to tell the tale of animal suffering than Bindi, I guess she is already following in her father's footsteps. The only thing that I really didn't like about the entire movie was the fact that in some of the scenes the whale is actually cgi instead of real. I donno, at least for me, part of the charm of the original movie was the fact that it was a real whale. Younger viewers will not notice the switch though.

We got to watch Free Willy Escape from Pirate's Cove on bluray and what's great about that is that it is the combo pack we have begun to rely upon as the set comes with not only the bluray version but the standard dvd, and even a digital copy, so we can watch at home or anywhere else. I always urge my friends with kids that whenever possible ALWAYS go with the bluray combo packs. Though I can't say that this movie is one that you HAVE to see in bluray the scenery is very pretty and I can certainly see a difference between the standard and bluray versions. Keep in mind that this combo pack is only available for a short period of time so if you want to own it, I'd pick it up pretty quick.

Free Willy Escape from Pirates Cove is available on dvd and bluray right now and you can pick your copy up on Amazon!


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