Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dylan's birth story and DearJohnnies!

My experience with Connor's birth left me with a clear picture of how I wanted things at the hospital to go with Dylan's birth. Connor's birth was stressful to say the least and in the end I felt a little robbed of some of the joy that you expect to experience after giving birth. I was induced which ended in an emergency csection that went VERY badly, actually so badly that I ended up doing more than half of my csection with NO pain relief.... as the epidural actually wore off. The last thing I felt like after an 18 hour labor and a pretty shaky delivery was pretty, or even excited, after I had Connor.

Though it seems really insignificant one of the biggest details I wanted to plan for this time around was to bring my own hospital appropriate gowns. Dylan was a scheduled csection and obviously my biggest hope was for everything to go as smoothly as possible, but being comfortable and looking at least halfway decent for the millions of pictures people feel the necessity to snap of you just minutes after giving birth. DearJohnnies was part of that plan.

DearJohnnies makes hospital gowns that are anything but ugly and anything but ordinary. I ended up taking the DearJohnnies Lucy hospital gown with me and changed into it the moment I arrived back in my room post surgery. All my visitors got to see me in a gown that not only was pretty but it actually FIT me unlike the one size fits all gowns that they offer you in the hospital. When your 4'10 those gowns might as well have been made for elephants as they hang off me in all the really awful places. DearJohnnies gowns come in three sizes so you can order a gown the right size for you!

Though I hope to write a longer post at some point about Dylan's birth for the most part the csection and birth went just as planned. Actually the biggest surprise about the entire birth was how relaxed it all seemed to happen after all the chaos of Connor's birth that was something I didn't really even to think to expect. I really thought I would be rolled into recovery and then rushed back into my room. This time it seemed like it took forever to get back to my room, but when I did make it back to my room the first thing I did was change into my DearJohnnies gown.I was feeling a bit rough as I was determined to make it through my entire recovery with as little pain medication as possible. Call it crazy but I hate the way pain medication makes me feel and even more so I didn't want anything even as small as that to affect Dylan. Just changing into that gown made me feel a million times better. Something about putting on a pretty pink polkadot gown compared to the yucky one I was wearing gave me the boost I needed.

Getting around was really great in my DearJohnnies gown. I didn't feel as if I was showing my entire backside to the world when I was moving around in my gown, though if I had thought about it I would have ordered the matching robe to match. Best of all the snaps on the shoulders makes breast feeding so simple. You can even order a gift set that includes a gown, matching robe, and matching monogrammed blanket to make any mom to be feel very special on her big day. I do not know about the rest of you guys but the moment I laid down in that hospital bed with both of my boys was a life changing moment. Meeting both of my boys face to face compares to no other moment I can think of besides the other. Not even my wedding day, sorry Chris! If you have a special gown for your wedding day, why not a special gown for your delivery day? It makes perfect sense to me!

If you'd like to learn more about DearJohnnies check out their website. If you know of a little person that will have to make a stay in the hospital you should check out the DearJohnnies Junior line. Hopefully neither of my boys will ever need one but seeing as I spent a few days in the hospital getting my tonsils out as a kid I know a special hospital gown would have brought me comfort back then too!


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