Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who doesn't like Shaun The Sheep?

Connor is just getting to the age where he can really appreciate Shaun the Sheep as much as I do. Though Shaun and his sheep friends never actually talk the episodes are always hillarious. The newest collection of episodes on dvd Shaun The Sheep A Woolly Good Time is no exception. We laughed till we cried at all the episodes, included on this dvd is : Washday, Tooth Fairy, The Farmer's Niece, Snore-Worn Shaun, Helping Hound and Big Top Timmy.

Our favorite epsidoe on the dvd was Tooth Fairy. I had to laugh, and please don't repeat this to my darling husband but he HATES seeing the dentist. So much so I have to downright con or force him into going. When Blitzer, the dog on the farm, gets a pretty yucky cavity in one of his teeth its up to Shaun and the sheep to find a way to get it out. Shaun consults a pretty hillarious medical book that reminds me a bit of the type of books you can buy on farm animals but instead this one is about humans in what appears to be written for animals. They try various methods of getting the tooth out including tying a string to the tooth and having the amazingly huge sheep, Shirley, run at the gate, only to find that the rope and the gate breaks before that tooth ever comes out. You really have to watch it yourself.

Also included on the dvd are two special features including a making of Shaun feature which is pretty neat to watch as well as a Sing-Along which was pretty cool as well.

You can pick up your own copy of Shaun The Sheep A Woolly Good Time on Amazon right now!


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