Saturday, February 20, 2010

For those of you looking to Return to Cranford.

Cranford : Return to Cranford opens where the original Cranford series left off. Big changes are coming to Cranford with the railroad approaching and everyone seems much more animated in Return to Cranford it seems. Mrs. Matty closed her business in the end of the first series and is now sharing her home with Tilly, the daughter of her maid. Tilly's addition to her household gives Matty the chance to have a kid around again, something she has wanted for awhile.

There are also some new men in town which always gets the women of Cranford a buzzing. Love interests always fuel the gossip and these women really really love to gossip. Cranford is a BBC classic and I rank it up there with some of my favorite period pieces including my beloved Anne of Green Gables which I couldn't seem to get enough of as a child. The women of Cranford are really quite enjoyable and even downright funny at times. You can't help getting sucked into their world which I have to say the sets are pretty impressive as well!

Regardless if this is your first trip to Cranford or if you loved the first set I highly recommend Cranford: Return to Cranford and you can pick up your own copy on Amazon right now!


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