Monday, February 1, 2010

What do you give a very pregant mom for valentine's day?

Heh, I'm still cracking up over this one as when Eden Fantasys contacted me about doing a review of one of the products in their catalog I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Not because I'm shy at all when it comes to sex toys, my sex life, or even products that remotely relate to sexuality but because I'm shaped more like a hippo than a woman and I can't even pull my chair all the way up to my desk as my stomach gets in the way. So I really thought about it... ironically enough the one thing I think about at least fifty thousand times a day is sex, regardless of how large and hippo shaped I become. Ironically enough I think my sex drive has only gone up not down the more uncomfortable and large I get. Besides that I'll spare you guys the details of my sex life as really no one wants to picture a 4'10 girl with a stomach the size of a large watermelon in that manner, at least not most of you I'd venture to guess, though if you did the thought might just make you wet your pants (WITH LAUGHTER PEOPLE... don't go gross on me here..).

After careful consideration I decided to break my mold of reviews and take Eden Fantasys's challenge and feature one of their products. Quite simply because 90% of my readers are moms, and we all got to be moms doing one thing. I think we have all also experienced the highs and lows of what children can do to a marriage and your sex drive. Not just yours, but your partners as well. I don't even care what your comfort ability level is with buying relationship enhancement products or even if your a single mom. There is something for everyone at Eden Fantasys. Actually what I really love about the site is the fact that it's obviously written and driven by WOMEN. Sure you can find products for guys and even some stuff that is too adventurous even for myself, but each product's description is written very strait forward and honest reviews from REAL users are given on pretty much every product in their catalog.  Actually any customer can go in and leave their opinions none of which seem to be censored by the company so good bad and ugly you can hear first hand how other women felt about each product they purchased. Mind you everyone has different likes and dislikes and what might work for you might not work for someone else so I'm always one to read reviews objectively.

My mission was to find something in the catalog that would appeal to a wide range of women of every age and comfort level, and more importantly something someone like myself (37 weeks pregnant and very uncomfortable in every way) would really appreciate both before and after my pregnancy. Not to mention that I will be a csection and anyone who's had a csection will tell you just because you don't deliver vaginally does not mean that resuming your sex life is smooth sailing after. Then the perfect.. and I do mean perfect.. product appeared before my eyes... and I've been in love ever since. The Human Touch Acuvibe Mini is quite possibly one of my favorite new must HAVE products for every preggo girl out there that I know. Literally a "massager" not exactly a sex toy (though certainly it can be used in erotic play) it has been a staple on my bedside from the moment it arrived. Not by far the most powerful massager I've ever had though it certainly packs much more of a whollop than I expected from such a small hand held rechargeable it has been a god send when it comes to my sore neck muscles, the constant crink in my back, and if you must know it's had it's fair share of "down there" time as well. Hey what do you want from me people my husband works third shift as a police officer four days a week and remeber that whole statement about how I can't keep my mind off of sex no matter how big I get? Honestly there is nothing dirty about it, in general it's been one of my biggest and most powerful tools in helping me sleep especially on the nights that this baby insists on putting me through mutiple waves of contractions and I'm just so tense that I fear I'll never pass out.

What I really love about it is it's really quite small. A little less than 9 inches long it's just long enough that I can reach all my sore spots but not so long that I'm stuck trying to find a good place to store it. As well as its a "massager" so if I forget and leave it out on my dresser I'm not stuck trying to figure out how to explain it to Connor if he happens to find it in the morning. I also would not at all be shy about using it in front of friends actually its not uncommon for you to find me walking around the house half the day with it almost permiately attached to my shoulders as well, they hurt.. all the time. And though like I said before it's not the strongest massager I've ever had in my life it is more than strong enough to relieve most if not all of my aches and pains.Compared to it's size its really quite impressive and really honestly my only complaint if there was one at all is that it's battery lifespan isn't as long as I'd really love it to be though this is really me being super critical as on adverage I only have to charge it twice a week and it gets more than its fair share of use. I think the only reason I mention this at all is the fact that you cannot use it while its charging and I've gotten so attached to it that I'm sad when I'm laying in bed with a huge crink in my neck as I'm having to prop myself up with four pillows just so my back won't hurt and I know if only it was charged I could make my neck feel better. Actually I will say if you are looking to purchase this purely as a sex toy and your overly sensitive it may actually be TOO strong for you. When I say the Human Touch Acuvibe Mini packs a whallop I wasn't kidding and there is only one setting. Personally though I think its the perfect multitasking edition to every bedroom. Plus it comes in pink and baby blue, so it's pretty darn cute to boot.

So if your looking for the perfect must have Valentines Day gift for any woman, but especially a certain pregnant woman on your list. Head on over to Eden Fantasys and check out the Human Touch Acuvibe Mini and pick one up. Then to make it extra special boys, break it out light some candles and give her an amazing back massage with it. When I say she will thank you, that's an understatement. Hey if your lucky she might just surprise you with a back massage right back.

Check back in a few weeks as we will be hosting gift card giveaway for Eden Fantasys as well!


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