Friday, February 5, 2010

The perfect nightime nursing bra especially for ladies with large breasts!

You would think when it comes to maternity clothing that finding things to accommodate women with larger breasts would be simple, as well typically women tend to get larger as they become more pregnant not to mention if they decide to nurse your boobs take on a life of their own. When I was pregnant with Connor I tried countless nursing bras all of which failed as far as I'm concerned for one reason or another but the main reason was because I'm a 34DD... which is a difficult size to fit in general but even more impossible it seems once my 34DDs expand into regions I'm not really willing to talk about. Let's just say if breast size had anything to do with milk production I'd be a prize winning cow.

When Lamaze Maternity asked me to try out some of their maternity items a few months back I was totally game though I was skeptical of the nursing bra as I said before I went through several with Connor never to find one that really worked for me. I tried out the Lamaze Seamless Comfort Maternity Bra which at first looks a bit like a sports bra except its very stretchy though somehow is actually really supportive as well. Since the day it arrived I've rarely been without it as the larger I get the more uncomfortable I am in my regular clothes including my regular bras. What is really thrilling about this bra is no matter how large or small or how much your breasts change in shape this bra really does expand to accommodate. I went out and bought some really adorable pajamas for the last few months of my pregnancy and to take me through those first few weeks at home after my csection and they are a little low cut which is great for nursing but bad for when you have visitors. The great thing about my Lamaze Seamless Comfort Maternity Bra is if it shows a bit at the top no one can tell if its a bra or a undershirt so I often wear it with some of my lower cut shirts especially now that I'm swelling out of everything I own. What I really really really love about this bra though is just how incredibly comfortable it is, even when I'm sleeping. Lets face it ladies if you plan on breast feeding there is really no way around not wearing a bra at night as well.. um.. you tend to leak. Nothing is worst than having to wear an uncomfortable bra to bed or even worst wear one that doesn't fit well it's hard enough to get comfortable while your pregnant or those first few weeks postpartum. The only thing I wish is that I had a whole drawer FULL of this bra!

We also tried out the Lamaze Seamless Comfort Nursing Camisole which honestly I thought would by far be my favorite item from the items we tested. Though I really do like this camisole the only thing I can say about it is if your a little on the large size in the chest like I am, you really do need to order one or even two sizes up. Mine came in my actual size and my breasts fit, but lets just say I'm spilling out all along the top. It is however very supportive and on the colder days we have had this month I've really enjoyed wearing it under my sweaters. It's so supportive in fact that I actually really enjoy wearing it as I feel pretty comfortable wearing it without a bra, which is something I NEVER do when it comes to camisoles. I just wish I would have ordered one in a size or possibly even two up to accommodate my cup size a little more.

The one item on my list that I honestly thought up till now was totally silly and was maternity underwear. I never understood the point as I wear bikinis and I never had to buy special underwear with Connor. So I was curious when Lamaze sent me their Lamaze Three Pack Cotton Spandex Panties, which come in boy shorts, bikini, and of course high cut, and let me just tell you guys if you are pregnant and have yet to try out a good pair of maternity underwear you have NO idea what your missing. We got a set of bikinis which I thought that I would never be able to tell the difference and I can honestly tell you these have become my favorite underwear! They sit comfortably just below my bump and I never have that sensation that they might slide down too far or even worst rub me in the wrong place. I plan on wearing them far past this pregancy as honestly, they are some of the most comfortable underwear I own. They are pretty cute too!

Really the only thing I do not like about the Lamaze Maternity Intimates line is the fact that being that its still a fairly new collection it can be a bit difficult to find but they are WELL worth the extra effort it takes to find them. However you can find most of the items available on Amazon!


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