Friday, January 1, 2010

So Xmas is over now what do you do with all the toys?

I'm constantly asking myself "What do I do with all these toys?" partially because I'm totally anal about loosing pieces to sets and partially because we live in a fairly small house with an outrageous amount of toys and to keep anything to a point where I can handle it creative organizing really must be established. I've been preparing for the new baby to top it all off and seeing as Connor is about ot have a new roommate we really had to get his toy collection under control.

The solution? Everything has a place and a there is a place for everything. Quite simply if a particular toy collection doesn't have a home it must go. This is all good and well but I'm not heartless and I didn't go throwing Connor's toys in the trash, but I did have to come up with some new options for storage. The even bigger issue is most of our storage is visible to the naked eye as Connor does not have a door on his closet and I sort of like it that way as it not only forces us to keep that area very neat, but it gives him really easy access to his things.

KangaRoom sent me this really awesome Collapsible Toy Box right before Christmas. It's fairly generously sized at 15x15x12 and though its considered their "small" toy box it holds a large amount of toys. I decided shortly before Christmas that one thing we were going to sacrafice in Connor's room in hopes to make more room for the new baby was Connor's train table. Though its a small train table and it does have a pull out drawer for toy storage it usually acts more of a catch all than a train table and more times than not we end up setting up our trains on the floor so we have more space to work. The problem is with the loss of the train table I was totally at a loss as to what to do with the trains. His train set is all wood and it's quite heavy so it needed to be at floor level so he could easily access his trains and parts without having to lift anything but I just couldn't bring myself to put a plastic bin on the floor as though I'm a huge fan of the plastic bin I'd not look at them all day. The KangaRoom Collapsible Toy Box was the perfect solution!

KangaRoom Collapsible Toy Box's is made of a really heavy duty canvas and when not in use it can be folded down almost flat for storage. This makes it a great idea for grandparents or even to take your toys with you when you travel. There are two reinforced handles on both sides of the box that allow you to move it very easily and Connor can easily drag his KangaRoom Collapsible Toy Box from the edge of the closet to the middle of his floor for easy train access anytime he pleases. The box itself has a flip down lid that velcro closes that makes it very easy for little hands to open and close on their own. There are also mess pockets all the way around the outside of the box which is perfect for storing some of the smaller pieces that might otherwise get lost at the bottom of the box. We use them to store our smaller engines, people, and traffic signs for easy access.

If you need something a little larger the KangaRoom Collapsible Toy Box also comes in a large size that measures 30x15x16 which I'm highly considering buying to put at the foot of Connor's bed to use as blanket storage. I keep having to remind myself that we live in Alabama now and not the Midwest as the temperatures as of late have been dropping down into the 30s and even 20s this week with snow in the forecast for Thursday I'm starting to wonder. Needless to say I've had to wake up several times the last few weeks to help Connor get down more blankets and having a attractive way for him to access his own blankets would be a huge plus and it would also be a great place to store his favorite stuffed animals which have now sort of overtaken his toddler bed.

offers a great assortement of other storage options as well including a full line of kid's storage products for everything from ways to deal with laundry to creative closet ideas. All of which might I add is perfect for those of you like us that have two children sharing the same room as many items can be ordered in separate colors to make it easy to separate items. Visit
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