Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Boys Are Back will leave you running for tissues.

I have to say my biggest fear in this world is leaving my boys too early. I think before I became a parent I was scared of dying, but now what really scares me is leaving my boys without a mom. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have to grow up that way, and even more so I can't even imagine what it would be like for Chris to have to raise these boys alone. Not that I'm not saying that single dads don't do a great job or that Chris couldn't do it by himself, but I think there is just a learning curve at least for most dads out there.

Joe finds himself in just this situation with his young son. He is left with the overwhelming crushing loss of his wife to be thrust suddenly into the life of a single dad, with all the responsibilities left behind of what was previously a double parent situation. Laundry, cooking, dealing with his son's loss as well leaves Joe kind of lost. Though I seriously wanted to jump in several times during the movie and scream at him for some of his parenting mistakes it only makes you really root for him even more. Add the possibility of a new girlfriend and a teenage son who Joe has not seen in years into the mix and you have downright chaos!

I passed over this movie several times in my review pile as honestly up till doing this review I had heard nothing about it. I have to say though it really surprised me, and was really quite inspiring.  The story is excellent, and as a parent you can really relate to Joe. I can't even imagine being in his shoes and it really tugs at your heart. Having a husband who is a police officer I have to live with the daily possibility that one day he might walk up to a car on a traffic stop and that will be the last day I see him. I see it happen way to often in the news and though he's always careful I'm well aware of the dangers his faces. So I think this movie really struck home with me. I personally loved it though I'd highly recommend you watch with tissues nearby.

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