Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They would have taken your head off for one of these in my chidlhood!

Heh, every time I see a Cabbage Patch kid I have to laugh to myself, the stories my mom would tell me about the amazing dramatic shopping trips she would have to endure to get me a Cabbage Patch at Christmas. Needless to say I never had many Cabbage Patch dolls growing up for just that reason.

Cabbage Patch have not at all lost their charm since the 80s. In fact I think they only get cuter and cuter with every new release. The newest version the the Cabbage Patch Pop n Style has to be my favorite Cabbage Patch to date. They feature the same adorable look, and smell, as the orginal Cabbage Patch dolls but they have a cool new feature where you can actually style and change their hairstyles thanks to the removable and replaceable hair clips that attach into their heads. Each doll comes with three hair pieces that changes the entire look of your doll. The clips themselves pop into the top of the doll with a ball that sort of reminds me of those beads little toddlers play with. It's super easy to do and you can even trade hair pieces with your friends if you wish. As well you can also buy extra hairpieces and accessories to totally change your doll around.

I had to mention the Cabbage Patch smell part as if you have never owned a Cabbage Patch doll once you do you will never forget that smell. It's sort of like a super sweet version of the new baby smell that every mother loves and I had totally forgotten about it until I opened the box and suddenly nights snuggled with my childhood dolls came flooding back. It's a unique and very nice smell that instantly seems to put you at ease. It was fun to see that it's still the same today as I remember it as a child. It makes me all the more excited about the "real" baby we have coming in just a few short weeks!

If your looking for a gift for a little girl on your list you really have to check out the Cabbage Patch Pop N Style dolls! I know when I asked my friend's daughters what they wanted for Christmas a hair styling doll was on the top of both of their lists and these guys are way better than just a regular hair styling doll! You can purchase your own Cabbage Patch Pop N Style on Amazon right now as well!

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lfhpueblo said...

I think these new Cabbage Patch Pop N Style dolls are so very cute, and so very now.

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