Thursday, December 10, 2009

Make dinner time fun with Olive Kids!

We LOVE Olive Kids and that's no secret if you ever make a visit to my home. There are Olive Kid's place mats, bedding, a floor pillow, you name it lurking around here. Actually I'm starting to really fear that the new baby will be terribly jealous once he's old enough to realize just how many customized "Connor" Olive Kids goodies we have around here.

What is also painfully obvious if you spend more than a few hours in this household is that Connor is a terrible eater. Not that he eats unhealthy food, no actually quite the opposite he loves salads and is not a huge fan of meat. The problem is just getting him to eat at all. He goes through fazes where he wants to eat everything in sight then weeks and weeks where its a battle just getting him to eat more than two bites of his dinner.

Recently though I realized he could read his own name. I'm going to make a large bet that the fact that so many things he owns has his name on it, has something to do with that. He seems tickled pink every time he sees his name on his pillow or backpack. The same goes for his new Olive Kids mealtime set! This set has him finally really excited about mealtime. He actually asks me for "his Connor plate" when its time to eat, the only problem is we only have ONE so I tend to wash it a little too often. Not to mention it has dinosaurs on it which alone would almost start a riot around here. Though I can't say it's solved all of our eating woes it certainly has helped get him to the table on more than one occasion and that's half the battle!

A Olive Kids Mealtime Set is the perfect gift idea for really any child on your list as its really a great budget friendly unique gift that will make any child feel like a rock star. I'm not sure what it is about personalized items but I can remember as a child how cool I felt when I got a new cup that had my name on it or even a sticker with my name on it. Can you imagine an entire mealtime set with your name on it? Actually now that I think about it I'm a little jealous, where is the Mommy place mat and plate?? You can pick up your own at Olive Kids!


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