Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking for the perfect toy to distract little ones on cold days?

My hat goes off to Alex Toys for creating quite possibly the best little play set to distract preschoolers and younger children on those days when its just too cold to play outside. Alex Toy's Monster Play All Day set is really three toys in one that comes with its own really fabulous carrying case as well!

Included in the set is the Moody Monster's matching game on a really heavy duty cardboard pieces. We've already had several pieces get wet and you can barely tell so I'd say they are pretty toddler/preschooler friendly. It's basically a standard matching game with monster faces except each of the monsters in the set is displaying an emotion which is printed on the card as well. We actually play this game face up at this point as Connor isn't quite old enough to play it face down. He matches the cards based on moods and faces quite well at this point! I can tell him to find me all the sad monsters, ect.

The second game in the box is the Monsters Mix and Match Game. This game comes with four monster cards and a bunch of cards that allow you to build your monster. Though it comes with instructions for several different types of game play at Connor's age level we just play it similar to the matching game and allow him to match the game pieces to the board all face up. Once he is a little older we can play it with multiple players and play by the standard rules where you take turns getting pieces and the first player to build their monster correctly wins.

The third game in the box is really for older children and is as much fun for adults as well. The last set is a Monster Card game. These over sized playing cards come with four sets of instructions so you can play four seperate card games. Super cute cards with moody monsters on both sides. Not as sturdy as the other two games in the box so if you have younger preschoolers set them aside and use them later. If your a card game family you'll really appreciate having a card game that smaller players can enjoy!

You end up with three sets of games for around $35 with a carrying case. Not a bad deal seeing as the Moody Monsters Matching Game alone sells for $12. The Monster Play All Day set is the perfect take along set for play dates, going to the grandparents house, or just a really attractive and fun way to store your monster cards!

Visit Alex Toy's website to buy your own Monster Play All Day set and check out their other great games!


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