Friday, December 18, 2009

Dark times for Harry Potter

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. However, if I had to pick a book from the series that was my least favorite it was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It's not because its a bad book, quite the opposite its actually one of the best and most complex of the series. It's just that it's the most depressing and dark chapters in the Harry Potter saga.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princ
e is thus far the best Harry Potter film of the series. Harry is no cute little boy anymore but a teenager. Actually it's fun to see the whole gang in their awkward teenage years not to mention dating, falling in love, and teenage angst. Actually Harry's age is really what sets this film apart from the rest. Harry is not a kid anymore nor is his friends and Voldemort is really stepping up his game. Harry is also starting to really realize exactly what this means for him and his future as well as the future of everyone around him. Voldemort's presence in this movie is unmistakable and he's not playing parlor tricks anymore he's burning down people's houses and his Death Eaters are on the move. Let me tell you the way the Death Eaters travel alone is pretty creepy in itself.

Though this was my least favorite book, mostly because it was the most painful one to read as you really start to feel this overwhelming dread and the amount of trama involved in this storyline is eminse... but as for the film this is by far my favorite film. I wont sugar coat it for you guys this is a DARK Harry Potter film and many times it may even be a bit too scary for the younger viewers. Voldemort has entered the muggle realm as well as Hogwarts and he's declared all out war. It's a very emotionally driven film and some of those emotions are not the prettiest. Even the love stories involved are at times painful. All in all it keeps you on the edge of your seat I'd just give it a previewing before you decide if you want to let your 9 and younger crowd watch it and decide for yourself if some of the scenes will scare them. I almost hate to say that with a Harry Potter film but Harry did have to grow up at some point didn't he.. and you really didn't think this whole war with Voldermort would go down so easy did you?

I won't give it away but the ending of this movie left me crying like a little baby. My favorite character from all of the books meets a not so great end at the end of the movie. I have to say its probably the big reason I had a hard time with the book as well and though I knew it was coming at the end of the movie I tried to pretend it wasn't till the bitter end. I've actually not even finished the last book for that reason as I'm really honestly a bit scared to see how it all plays out.. though now that the next movie is on the way I guess I should get back to that and finish the last book as well.

All in all Harry Potter fans will love this movie, it follows pretty true to the book and its visually stunning. The CGI effects are amazing and the whole feeling the movie gives you is exactly the same as you would get from reading the book. Though of course they left a few things out I think they did an amazing job with the movie and I was not even the least bit dissapointed as to what was included or not, if anything I almost prefer the movie to the book as it does leave out a bit of Harry's rage which I found very uncomfortable to read.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princ
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