Sunday, December 6, 2009

Looking for a cool gift for the boys on your list?

Strike that, lets call this a cool gift for almost anyone on your list, but especially dads. I can't tell you how hard it is to find a gift for my husband. For one he NEVER tells me what he wants for Christmas nor does he ever even seem to want anything except for computer stuff. Finding him reasonably priced gifts that will bring a smile to his face has always been a bit of a challenge and even somewhat of a game at this point for me.

What I have found that really gets him excited is items that he considers to be "cool" and we featured Mimobots last year in our holiday gift guide and I'm returning to them yet again as I am still just as memorized by these little usb drives as I was last year if not more so. Almost everyone these days has a usb drive, those boring little square keychain looking thingies that we all carry around be it to school, work, or just to transfer pictures back and forth or to do quick backups. The problem is for the most part they are BORING. Sure you can find them in pink, blue, green, clear, you name it but still usually the average usb drive is a rectangle hanging from your key chain. Though as a techie myself I'm still totally fascinated by the fact that these tiny little things hold 100s of times the information that my first bulky incredibly hot computer did that used to be my pride and joy as a teenager.

Mimobots however are no regular USB Drive, in fact they are their own little mini works of art that will make pretty much anyone you meet so jealous they will turn green. Personally my little Mimobot companion is my favorite cartoon monster, Domo, and he's been guarding my files for almost a year now. He hangs out on my desk decked out in his super rad little "protohoodie" or basically a little one piece jumpsuit that not only protects your Mimobot but allows him to be snapped onto a keyring or book bag.

This year I was determined to find a Mimobot that would not only make my hubbie squeal with joy but match his personality. I scanned all of the current Mimobots available, as many of them are limited editions, and narrowed it down to the Star Wars collection of Mimobots. Seeing as I've heard a million stories about Chris walking around Disney World with a Darth Vader mask on as a child, and the fact that our son plays with that same Darth Vader mask, I figured he was the right Mimobot for the job! Not to mention the fact that when you remove the cap on the Darth Vadar Mimobot you expose his face is a super cool bonus.

At $24.95 for the basic 2 gig model of the Mimobots they are a incredibly affordable stocking stuffer option for anyone on your list and if you have someone that really needs to have a large capacity USB drive never fear as many of the Mimobots also come in 16 gig capacities for $45! Check out the Mimobots website for the full selection and to pick out your own little usb buddy!


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