Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow I can't belive I'm already thinking about feeding a baby again!

It just seems like yesterday that Connor took his last drink of breast milk and I debated on what sort of formula to move him on. We held the fort down on breastfeeding as long as we could but I had to routinely supplement as though I had a ton of milk in the beginning things slowly eased off as we went along. Actually I was NEVER ashamed to admit that we supplemented one bottle a day almost from the beginning as there were times I honestly just needed to take a nap or leave the house and it gave my friends and family a chance to feed him. Though I can't say I've thought in depth about infant nutrition in the same way I have about feeding solid foods and trying to feed Connor, who I found out today was VERY anemic.. probley because refuses to eat meat more often than not.

There is a new Infant Nutrition Website sponsored by Enfamil and Visual MD which aims to help parents understand a little more about their babies digestive and nutritional needs. An awesome video not only help explain everything but make it very interesting as well. Along with the video there are some great informational slides with articles on each of the points covered. My favorite of which was the information on just how DHA is used by the body. You hear so much about DHA and see it on labels everywhere... but do you really know what it is or what it does? If your curious you can check out the DHA and ARA section on the Infant Nutrition Website!

Regardless if your a parent, caregiver, a prospective nurse or nutritionist or are just curious about infant nutritional needs its a great resource. Check out the Infant Nutrition Website for more info.

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