Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who said playing dressup was just for girls?

Connor loves playing dress up. Ok, not the typical lets put on makeup and princess dresses sort of dress up but who said that dress up outfits just had to be princesses and ballerinas? Connor loves to play superhero or monsters and of course anything that involves him dressing like "daddy". Whole days are spent wearing a cape or monster gloves or one of our all time favorites the Darth Vadar mask with nothing else but a diaper.

I won't ever knock the importance of technology in children's toys but there is really something to be said about good old fashioned role playing. So many things can be learned and understood from something as simple as playing house to dressing up like "Daddy" and learning a little more about what Daddy actually does for a living. Connor received something truly special from Aeromax New World Toys, a jr. police officer suit. Now Connor can get ready for work just like Daddy does down to his own badge! The set comes with a really cool one piece police officer's uniform, duty belt, baton, radio, police hat, hand cuffs and whistle! Everything you need to start a little miniature make believe crime fighting career! No jaywalking stuffed animals are safe anywhere near my little man these days. I think Connor was most excited to see the small police officer's hat as that is the one thing that he constantly attempts to steal from his Daddy. We received the suit in a 2/3 and Connor is a little short for his age so we have to roll up the pants a bit but the good thing is he will have plenty of time to grow into the outfit. Plus absolutely nothing is cuter when Connor tells me he has to get ready to work, just like Daddy does.

No matter what your child inspires to grow up to be I'd be pretty certain you could find something for them at Aeromax. Anything from spacemen to princesses to pirates I would love to own a whole closet full of play suits from Aeromax! You can even have many of the items personalized just for your child! One really unusual thing is the range of sizes available in the costumes at Aeromax. I know when we went looking for Halloween costumers for Connor we had a really difficult time finding cool options in the 24 month range. It seems like so many

Visit Aeromax to see the entire selection! I know we will be back to buy new costumes in the future as well!


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