Friday, November 27, 2009

The toy thats always welcome here... blocks!

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by toys. All over the floor, making noise, miniature cars rolling past my feet, just the sounds and colors of a very active two year old in the house can sometimes wear on my nerves. I think every parent feels that way at times. There has always been one toy though that is always welcome, even all over the floor it never seems to bother me. Possibly it has to do with something in my own childhood, the one toy that never got old, the one toy that could be used for almost anything. Blocks.

Blocks are great for pretty much all ages. I can remember using my blocks to build really cool horse fences and jumps for my model horses well into almost junior high school, yeh yeh make fun if you like! I also remember them being the one toy that I always went to when all the fancy toys just seemed boring. So when we see something new to check out in the world of blocks we are always excited. When Citiblocks were brought to my attention we were pretty excited.. their simple design makes them just as desirable to my almost three year old as it does to adults. You can practically build anything you wish with them and your really only limited to your imagination! We received a 54 piece colored Citiblocs set for our review and Connor went to work on them within seconds of me ripping the box open. I've seen him play with them on their own building "houses" and using them as beams to build bridges and even fences for his little animals between our bigger chunkier blocks we already owned. They would make for a great first block edition for any household as they are one of the most versatile blocks we have featured thus far and are a great edition to any block collection already in progress. Actually adding them to our current block collection made our collection even more functional as now we can build many flat structures that otherwise used to take up too many blocks to be really possible.

The absolute best part about Citiblocs is just how incredibly affordable they are! A 54 piece set runs about $17 verses paying upwards of $100 for a set that size in some of the other wooden blocks we have featured. That alone is another reason why they are an invaluable edition to any collection. Check out the picture of the castle made purely from Citiblocs. I'm not sure we are ready to tackle a project like that quite yet but it certainly shows how even older kids and teenagers will enjoy them as much as the younger crowd!

Citiblocs are available for purchase direction from the company's website! Head on over and check them out!


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