Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The greatest burp cloth known to man kind...

Heh.. ok I always attempt to write an eye catching title to my posts but that one seriously cracks me up. Actually the whole thing started almost a year ago when we were first introduced to Burp Armor. I have to say that burp cloths are not the most exciting of review material for me, something about the whole aspect of spit up down your back has never quite enthused me. However, they are quite possibly the most useful investment you will make as a parent of an infant. I've used my burp cloths from everything from changing pads to makeshift bibs and even to blow the occasional nose. I also cant even remote begin to tell you how often I strolled out of my house with a burp cloth across my shoulder half asleep when Connor was still an infant only to realize it when someone pointed out the stained tattered mess hanging from my shoulder after I had been wandering around a store for thirty minutes.

My entire attitude towards the ever present, ever useful, but not so exciting burp cloth changed completely the day we met Burp Armor. Burp Armor is simply genius in the making, the perfect curve shape it actually lays across your shoulder and stays put, not to mention provides protection in ALL the right places. It's also strangely soft for a burp cloth and I have to admit shamefully I've found myself rubbing my face into it more than once. Really the only complaint we could even remotely come up with the original design was the lack of color choices, actually strangely enough for a product designed by a dad, the original color choices were kinda girlie. Chris though he loved our first Burp Armor didn't dig the selection. However, our newest Burp Armor in blue aqua skulls will please even the most manly of dads.

The best part though is when your busy packing up all your used burp cloths once your baby is past that point don't even think about putting that Burp Armor in the attic. The Burp Armor also makes for a great bib and if you feel as if you really need some sort of clasp on the back a simple clothespin (or paperclip if your in a hurry) will do the trick. Though I've never found that we've needed anything to hold it in place as our Burp Armor just drapes perfectly over Connor's shoulders, even today!

I'm pretty excited to use my new Burp Armor with the new baby. You can get one of your own over at the Burp Armor website! I recommend you buy several!


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