Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cleanup is rediculously easy with my new Frigidaire!

Participating in the Frigidaire test drive program has been an amazing experience. I always said that there were two appliances I'd most like to replace in my household if the funds existed the first being my washer and dryer and the second being my stove. The main reason for this is that those are in my opinion the two appliances that can make your life a thousand times easier as a mom if like us you own just basic models. Our washer and dryer does the job but I'm constantly rewashing and redrying my clothes as it just does not always get the job done on nasty toddler or police stained clothing. Our stove was fine as well, glass top, newer, but the space was limited and Chris was always asking me how to set the temperature or do something. I'd be the first to admit I snapped off to him more than once about that.

Frigidaire's “More Me Time” guarantee is not at all a joke. I kind of laughed when I heard about this campaign wondering just how much a new Frigidaire stove and microwave would really affect our lives. The first and most wonderful change was I no longer have to help the boys cook a pizza or make some macaroni. That sounds silly but seriously having to stop working on homework get up and help set the timer on the oven is really annoying. Now the boys can just hit one button and be ready to roll. No guess work, no fuss, good to go, plus I've been rewarded on several occasions with dinner waiting for me when I got home. It may have just been chicken nuggets and french fries but seriously nothing is better.

The thing that surprised me the most about my Frigidaire gallery stove and microwave is just how incredibly easy they are to clean. I used to own an older set from a competitor also stainless steel and though I loved them intensely the problem always was hand prints. I swear I was always cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the hand prints off the stove and fridge. Lets not even talk about water marks. You know a month into the test drive I was really surprised at the fact that I had yet to see one hand print or mark on my stove. Especially seeing Connor is constantly touching it. I also hate to admit that last night was the first night I really seriously cleaned both the stove and microwave. Sure I've wiped it down several times after cooking but no serious attempts at cleaning.

So last night I busted out my manual to see how exactly Frigidaire thinks I should clean the appliances just so I could tell you guys the right way and I was totally flabbergasted. Yes, I just said flabbergasted. The recommended method of surface cleaning was just a soft cloth and warm soapy water. What!? No chemicals, no stainless steel cleaner??? Kind of taken back I started but pulled out a glass top range cleaner to clean the surface of the glass on the top of my stove though honestly I don't think it really needed it. Most of the dirt on the surface of the glass was purely crumbs from the pizzas cooked recently, I've been out of town all week and that's the food of choice when I'm gone. So here ya go pictures before I started including the supplies needed. Two soft rags one to wet and one to dry and my glass top range cleaner. I used really warm water and very little if any soap.

Before and after shots of the stove top.

Less than ten minutes later we were all done, ok the back corner of the microwave is not perfect but I'm 4'10 and I didn't feel like dragging my stool out so I had some problems reaching. Otherwise I cleaned both the microwave and stove inside and out including scrubbing the glass on the range. Everything came out amazingly clean and the last step I didn't show you guys is I removed the inside racks and hit self clean on the stove. It all looks brand new. I really honestly don't even think I needed the glass top range cleaner there was just one spot from some soup I cooked a few weeks ago that needed a scrubbing and honestly what little glass cleaner I used I could have gotten away with just warm water. Even my old basic stove would have taken much longer to clean in that sort of detail as I always had a problem getting anything greasy off the surfaces and the knobs were a pain in my butt to get clean. I love the fact that all the controls on my Frigidaire gallery stove and microwave are flush set as all it took was a simple wipe and dry and we were back in business.

Before and after shots of the microwave.

Now if I could only convince Chris that we really need a new front loading washer and dryer, heh. Seriously unless your as short as I am you have no clue what its like trying to get your laundry out of the back of a top loading washing machine especially if your pregnant and your stomach is getting in the way. I actually have to get a stool out or try to balance on my laundry basket to get the clothing out of the back of the washing machine. Lets not even talk about having to rewash/redry clothing.

Check out the entire line of Frigidaire appliances on their website. Don't forget that Frigidaire offers the “More Me Time” guarantee!


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