Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall shoes for stomping around in leaves!

It still feels like summer, actually I'm having a hard time with the heat and this pregnancy, not to mention this awful sinus infection that just wont go away and threatens to keep me in bed most days. Though I've started to see the signs of fall, slightly cooler nights and of course the Halloween candy starting to arrive everywhere. Fall means its time to give up our sandals, though don't tell but it's not uncommon for me to wear sandals in the middle of winter.

Umi makes gorgeous shoes that are incredibly well made and really attractive. Now that Connor is getting bigger it seems that clothing and shoes just seem to be getting more and more generic every where I look. I'm not sure why but girls clothing and shoes get prettier and more interesting as the sizes go up but boys shoes especially seem to gravitate towards the solid colors and standard looking tennis shoes.

Umi takes a unique spin on their shoes. At first glance their shoes are attractive but you really have to pick a pair up to really appreciate them. Connor has a pair of Astros for his fall wardrobe in a mix of sage, navy blue, and chocolate. The color combo is just unexpected enough to get attention but the real beauty is in an up close glance at how gorgeous the leather is and how well built the soles are! Connor absolutely loves the fact that he can put his shoes on himself with the help of the Velcro. I love the fact that they have really high quality soles that will protect his feet from everything all his stomping and jumping can throw at them, and that they still have impressively flexible soles that support his growing feet!

With sizing from a newborn up to a size 6 (us sizing) you can find a pair of shoes for your littlest to your school aged kids and feel really confident with your purchase! Visit Umi Shoes to find a great selection of children shoes right now!


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