Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's time to retire the cheap flip flops.

I got lazy over the summer... Connor's feet have been growing like weeds and though I usually make sure he leaves the house in an awesome pair of shoes from our collection I just got lazy over the summer and he could usually be seen sporting a pair of $1 flip flops. Then again most of the summer was spent in our pajamas too as this whole pregnancy business this time around has left me sick as a dog more days than not. With the kids going back to school and fall approaching way faster than I would like its time to pick things up and get back in gear.

With the kids going back to school its really important they have a great pair of shoes regardless if its preschool or beyond, and those little growing feet deserve them. Connor's favorite pair of sandals earlier this year were a pair of Vincent Bobbys, he even wore them for his 2nd birthday photo shoot. I can't even tell you how many compliments we got on those shoes and Connor actually demanded that he wear them everywhere. Somehow on a trip to my Mother's house before my wedding they were lost and we have still yet to locate them. With those sandals in mind I really wanted to pick something for Connor to wear this fall with those shoes in mind as Connor really loved those shoes. So when we saw Vincent's Leo we knew we had the right shoe.

The great two toned striped Leo, available in four colors, reminds me a bit of the soccor shoes I saw on my trips to France. Sporty enough to look right at home with an old tee shirt and a pair of cotton gym shorts the Leo looks even more amazing paired with a fancy pair of jeans and a dress shirt. We got a pair in black and white just like our beloved Bobby sandals and Connor couldn't be more pleased.

What really impresses me with the Vincent brand is not only does the shoes look amazing and though they are really sleek looking they seem to have this timeless feel about them. I would have been as excited to wear the current styles when I was a kid as I am about Connor wearing them now. To be honest with you I'd be happy to own a pair of Leo's in my own size. Now that Connor is a little older he has really started to have an opinion about his shoes on his own and he will tell me if a pair of shoes hurts and he will usually gravitate towards the shoes that are the most comfortable if not downright demand he wear his favorite pair. I'm more than positive that his new Leo's will be among his favorites this fall as well.

If your looking for a pair of great, well made, children's shoes for back to school or even for your toddler or infant, Vincent Shoes has something for almost every child on you list. I'm especially fond of their tennis shoe collection!

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CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

Ooo, very stylish!
Connor has good taste!

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