Friday, July 31, 2009

Who says I need to spend a fortune to prepare for the next baby?

There is a CVS just blocks from my house, so its no surprise that I end up buying most if not all of my diapers and wipes during their awesome sales. With an active two year old in hand I don't nearly do as much shopping as I used to and the hours and hours I used to spend looking for the best deals or browsing my favorite stores seems like a long lost memory. Just replacing a sippy cup or picking up a new shirt sometimes seems more of a chore than its worth as though I absolutely adore him Connor cannot enter or leave a store without practically talking to everyone IN and outside of the store. Who am I to crush his little social butterfly, so instead I try to limit our outings.

So needless to say I've been very curious about the Playskool items I see at CVS when I head down and buy my diapers and sodas. Why should I have to drive all the way across town when not only are Playskool's items very affordable but they are cute too! So when Playskool and CVS wanted to team up with me for a review I was beyond excited.

We tested out various Playskool products including the Baby Bibs, Playskool Heat Sensitive Spoons, Shake Rattle Roll Teether, Playskool Wash Or Toss Cups & Playskool Cottony Cloths. First of all I'd like to say that I was more than happy with the quality of all the items that they sent but most of all I was really intrested to see how the Cottony Cloths disposable wipes would hold up to my "other" brand of wipes.

Connor is a full blown toddler.. and really getting closer to a preschooler at this point so his diaper messes can be, um, challenging. So up till now I've been pretty loyal to my regular brand of wipes which are fairly expensive but are thick and really tackle all that poop mess, not to mention the royal messes he can make with food at times. Though I've longly looked at the Cottony Cloths many times as they are quite a bit cheaper than my regular brand I've always been hesitant to give them a try as some of the cheaper brands of wipes just don't seem to cut it with a toddler. Though for those of you that are first time parents with newborns I highly encourge you to check out all the cheaper brands as honestly I had no issues with any of the wipes when Connors messes were "smaller". A side by side test of the Cottony Cloths and my regular brand left me pretty surprised! The Cottony Cloths were a tiny bit thinner than my other brand but they were just as tough and even with a rip test they actually stood up much better than my regular brand. This means next time I go into CVS you better bet we will be adding Cottony Cloths to our buy list without any doubt.

The other product that we really enjoyed from the group was the Playskool Heat Senstive Spoons. Though Connor is past the feeding stage he still uses baby spoons to eat on his own as they are just easier for him to manuever. Not to mention we will have a new baby gracing the house this spring. Though I test Connor's food before I give it to him at home we have had some issues with eating out and his food being too hot. Though we've taught him to blow on his food and I try really hard to test everything before he gets ahold of it there are times when we have an oops. This happens with little babies too, you test and test and think that you have the food just right and next thing you know you have a screaming baby on your hands because that oatmeal was a little hotter than you expected. Well the Playskool Heat Sensitive Spoons take all the guess work out of food. The spoons are soft and easy to use as an infant or toddler spoon with an added bonus, if the food is too hot, they change color!

Next time your at your local CVS I really encourage you to stop by the baby isle and check out the Playskool line of products. You will be super surpised at how affordable they are not to mention the quality you get for your money!

Visit to find a local store near you or to browse the online selection of Playskool products!

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Leane said...

Great review. I will have to keep an eye out for their wipes.

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