Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vlogger on the Disney Channel? heh I mean iCarly!

When I first saw an episode of iCarley I couldn't help to be reminded quite strikingly how much this show resembles the early seasons of Hannah Montana. Carley the main character is really super level headed, actually nice but still funny. Her best friend Sam is a whole other matter, kind of a bully, always a bit on the crabby side, and somehow they compliment each other perfectly. Their other friend Freddy rounds out the crew and all together they host a web show called iCarley!

Actually the whole webcast thing is pretty unique as far as shows go. It kind of made me smile as Carley is sort of mini famous at her school thanks to her webcasts and so many bloggers feel that same sort of micro following through their blogs. It really goes to show you folks that everyone has a voice these days if they scream loud enough and you don't need a fancy newspaper or magazine just an audience and and something to say and you may just get heard. I'm sure iCarley is inspiring her own generation of freelance jouranlists as we speak.

Though Sam (Samantha) is obviously the school bully I can't help to love her. In one episode Carly gives Sam a tee shirt honoring their five years of friendship, which Sam sells, heh not to mention despite her rough attitude she has a soft spot for her friends and is always there to stick up for them. Carly is also being cared for by her big brother which says everything about what sort of guy he is. I'm not totally sure how old he is supposed to be but he acts fairly immature except when it comes to important issues.

All in all its a great series and fun to watch even for me. You can pick up your own copy of iCarly Season 1 Volume 2 at Amazon right now!


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