Saturday, June 6, 2009

Speaking of Knots Landing...

Knots Landing was inspired by the wildly popular Dallas series. I almost had to do a double take when the Dallas The Complete Eleventh Season arrived in the mail. Eleventh season? I remember Dallas being on the air for what seemed like half my lifetime but I forgot that I was actually right. Dallas started the April before I was born in 1978 and actually ran for 13 seasons. In 13 seasons the wealthy oil and cattle ranchers twisted a tale of sex, scandal, and murder.

The only problem with Dallas is like so many other soap operas it all just seems so repetitive. Though die hard fans would argue me to the grave on that matter. Season eleven is full of sex, lies, revenge, and murder. I'm really not even sure where to start on giving you the details of this season as there are a whopping 30 episodes to cover but JR has his hands full trying to get Clayton off of a murder charge and involved in quite the love triangle.

Really what is truly disappointing about this box set is the fact that the episodes look awful. I actually felt like I was staring at my terrible early 80s tv screen and on a LCD tv the flaws in the picture seemed more glaring and obvious than ever. I was actually pretty shocked that they didn't do more to clean up the video. The packaging is so so it all comes crammed on three double sided dvds which took me off guard a bit as it does actually save on space but its not really impressive. There are no extras to speak of. I guess the saving grace is its actually reasonably priced, not much more than a movie or any other dvd.

You can pick up your copy of Dallas The Complete Eleventh Season on Amazon right now!


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