Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rember how I told you guys a zillion times over that I hate cooking?

Well that will all change soon thanks to Frigidaire. I feel like a little girl at Christmas knowing that I'm one of the lucky few moms who got chosen to participate in the Frigidaire Test Drive program.

Soon I will be cooking like a champ on the new Frigidaire Gallery Series electric range and microwave in a gorgeous stainless steel. Check it out is it not drool worthy? I may even want to hang out in my kitchen now that I know I'll have this spankin new stove to cook on. Lets not even talk about how much money it will save me to cook at home verses order or get take out. The range I will be trying out is the Frigidaire Gallery which just happens to be my favorite type of stove, ever, a true convection oven. This oven is designed to spoil moms in every way and I am totally looking forward to it as I could use some spoiling.

This stove features a super quick six minute heat up, a one touch button to cook pizzas are those coveted chicken nuggets that all our kids seem to love, and expandable elements so regardless if you have a big pot or a small pot you can adjust the cooking space how you need it!If your not familiar with a convection oven the best part of all is how evenly and quickly it cooks. No more half burnt half uncooked pizzas from my old stove. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.

One feature I'm particularly excited about is the warming zones. With Chris working third shift at the police department and Connor being an incredibly picky eater as much as I try to set a dinner time it's sometimes not possible. Not to mention that Chris's lunch time is around 3am. heh. I'll be able to cook a dinner and keep it warm until everyone is ready in the warming drawer or keep a pot warm in the warming zone on the stove top.

If that wasn't good enough there is a brand new matching microwave coming as well which is super great for the boys in this household. For the man or kids who claim that they can't possible cook anything themselves the Frigidaire Gallery Microwave has more preset programmed options than you can shake a stick at. heh. Cook popcorn, nuggets, even bake potatoes at the push of a button, no more excuses boys. And if your having extra guests for dinner you'll love the expanded cooking surface by putting some of the food on the included rack. It even has its own keep warm feature which I'm totally going to be using for family meals as it never seems to happen that the main dish, sides, and bread are all done at the same time.

Here's the best part. You all have a chance to win your own Frigidaire appliances! Frigidaire's new mom friendly line of appliances is guaranteed to reduce the amount of time you spend doing daily chores! I'm not joking! Frigidaire is offering a thirty day money back guarantee that if you own three or more of the new Frigidaire appliances that it will reduce your time doing housework by eight hours or more! Frigidaire wants to know what you would do with an extra eight hours a month all to yourself? Check out the Frigidaire website and visit their My Motherload section. Tell Frigidaire five things you would do with your extra time for a chance to win! I'm totally entering for a chance to win a pair of Frigidaire Affinity washers. I spend more time washing and rewashing clothes with my cheap washers I'm fairly positive that owning the washers alone would add up to eight free hours of my time per month or more!

Keep posted to see how things go with my new stove and microwave. I'll be posting again when they arrive! I'm so excited I'm giddy.

Check out the Frigidaire website to learn more and check out the Frigidaire facebook page as well!


Mariana said...

Congrats!! I'm on Team W/D, and THRILLED to be part of a group that includes such wonderful women. This is going to be a fun campaign!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

Congratulations!!! I am super jealous... I really wanted to be on the Washer/Dryer team. Next time, maybe!

katy said...

Wow! That is a great looking stove and microwave. Break out all the recipes you've been wanting to try.

Nancy Murphy said...

How great to win a stove and microwave! Frigidaire makes great appliances. Happy cooking!

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