Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm positive these are the radest kid shoes ever.

If my feet were just a tad smaller I would wear the Eleven Collection myself without even blinking. I have to say until Connor was born I really was not that into shoes. Sure I enjoyed a good, pretty, pair of shoes but I never really sat and thought about them. My very first pair of See Kai Runs, Eleven's sister company, totally and I do mean totally changed my perspective on shoes. Not only on children's shoes but my own as well. I find myself downright jealous of Connor's shoe collection and in turn I've invested in a few nice pairs myself. Not that I will be dropping a month's paycheck on a pair of expensive designer shoes anytime soon as bills come first but I've certainly paid more attention. Connor on the other hand totally notices what he is wearing on his feet. This rang loud and clear when we took him into a discount shoe store while visiting his grandparents to buy a pair of sandals. Basically in not so many worlds he told me flat out that all those cheap shoes were "ugly and uncomfortable" heh... I think I've created a shoe monster.

Regardless of all my shoe envy I still hold firm on my long standing belief that regardless of what a shoe looks like you should buy something that really is supportive and function and this is very important when it comes to children's shoes. I really truly believe that even if you can only afford one pair of shoes, which for a boy is easy to do, you should buy the best you can afford. Growing feet need the support and it will pay off more than you know in the long run. This coming from the girl who had to wear corrective braces on her legs and still walks on the outsides of her feet. What kids wear while they are growing absolutely affects their adult feet. With that said Eleven delivers on both fronts. They are downright gorgeous, for once I'm pretty torn when it comes to picking out a new pair each season. They are all beautiful and I would be happy to own a pair in every style in each size. I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that you will be overly happy with how well they hold up as well. Connor has been wearing See Kai Run for some time and his first few pairs are now in the attic awaiting the day when we are blessed with another baby to share them with. I'm sure our Eleven shoes will get the same honor without a doubt.

Now lets talk about the styles for this year. Wow. I swear each season the new additions only keep getting better and better. This season there were three pairs that really gave me a run for my money when it came to choosing a style for Connor. The Iggy was the obvious choice, totally rocker totally vintage rock something I could absolutely see Connor wearing in LA when his music career goes big (lol I'm so kidding.. he will end up wanting to be an accountant because I said this.. mark my words). I'm still totally mesmerized by Iggy but they seemed a little bit formal for Connor's summer wardrobe of mostly shorts and tees. Come winner I'll totally be after them as they would look amazing with a pair of blue jeans and a hoodie. Then that brings me to Josef.. totally sporty.. very much a traditional sneaker with a very fashionable edge with the two colors of blue. Connor's daddy loved them and they are still his first choice. But after drooling over Iggy I really felt I needed a middle ground, something with a bit of a edge but would still be at home with a pair of cargo shorts and a tee shirt with grass all over it from being in the yard but still appropriate for Connor's dressier outfits too.

In the end it was Caper that won our hearts. A traditional shaped tennis shoe with a super fashionable look that would be at home today and will still be just as awesome ten years from now. Olive and grey leather will go with everything and the orange stitching really gives them a little something extra. I'm absolutely in love and I really wish I had a pair myself! I may be gushing but its no lie when I tell you I'm crazy about both Eleven and See Kai Run. When those little red boxes arrive I get all giddy as I'm always pleasantly surprised regardless that I already know I'm going to love whats inside!!

If you've not taken a look at the Eleven Collection before now what on earth are you waiting for? Some of our favorite styles are on sale right now including the Iggy!


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