Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is that on your feet?

I remember the first time I learned about wooden clogs in some story I read when I was a child. I thought it must be horrible to wear wooden shoes on your feet as just the thought of something other than my worn out tennis shoes seemed so uncivilized. I also remember looking at a display of wooden clogs at a tourist attraction at some point as well mesmerized by all the colors and how absolutely adorable the designs were.

The secret about clogs is really how incredibly comfortable and supportive they really are! Clogs can be seen in almost every hospital in the country these days on the feet of nurses as they are wonderful for a long day on your feet but usually you see plain plastic clogs in blah colors. Why not bring home a pair of beautiful crafted Clogs made in Sweden?

We got a pair of beautiful little clogs in for a friend of ours for her upcoming birthday. Not at all what you would expect when you think of clogs at all. The lucky little girl is just finishing up kindergarten so sweet and adorable she really needed a pair of shoes that matches her personality. I highly considered the Dots design as it would go with everything and had the cute factor we were looking for, but something was missing. I needed something with a little extra spunk and we found just the right pair in Whimsy.

Our new Whimsy clogs from Cape Clogs are just the perfect gift for our little friend. Beautiful heart patterned leather on top and surprisingly light wooden soles on the bottom. She can run around to her hearts content and these shoes will easily outlast her feet as I’m quite positive she will outgrow them before they show any signs of wear as they are really wonderfully made. I already know she will be the envy of her kindergarten class as well, as I’m already wishing I would have ordered a pair of clogs from Cape Clogs in my size!

Now lets just hope Connor doesn’t notice as I’m positive he will want one in his size as well. That kid loves shoes more than he loves toys, heh, and thankfully he’s not spotted them yet.

Go check out Cape Clogs right now and see their adorable designs. I’ve been eying the Lollipops with the semi-soft heels and the Black Skulls! While your over there check out their sale section too for some awesome deals on some beautiful clogs including a really cute dinosaur pair for little boys!

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Anonymous said...

These are adorably cute!!!

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