Saturday, April 18, 2009

Such pretty little things.

As a child I collected model horses, mmmm let me rephrase that. Until it became obvious that I had a large model horse collection with no children, I collected model horses. They are still tucked safely away in the attic waiting for their moment to be brought back down. Some of the happiest moments of my childhood was either spent on the back of a horse or tucked happily in my parents basement in the massive horse farm my dad helped me assemble out of carpet scraps and wooden stables. Even at that point I was really too old to be playing with model horses. As a child that moved all the time there was really something comforting about their beautiful little faces even now I stroke their muzzles fondly like they were old friends. I still dream of owning a horse farm one day or even just a few acres with a few beautiful welsh ponies to share with Connor.

I knew early on that I wanted to start a collection of some sort for Connor. Something that would stand up to the test of time and hopefully something he would keep through adulthood that would remind him of a happier stress free time as my horses do for me. I routinely browse the selection at Oompa Toys and even keep a catalog nearby at all times to drool over in my free time. So many beautiful toys, so little time, and quite often I run across something I’ve never seen or might have missed on a previous visit. With Connor’s birthday fast approaching I knew I had to find something really special and even over the flashy battery powered toys that my family insists on buying him, without question I knew his present from his mommy had to be something more substantial.

So when I came across the line of Holztiger animals at Oompa Toys it was instant love. Actually the one that caught my attention was the little donkey. So simple with its little perky ears and rope braided tail. I instantly wanted to rub its tiny muzzle between my fingers. I know one day we must own her.. but for now I settled on a small collection of figures that match my son’s very boyish personality. A rather stout little rhino with chunky short legs and a rope tail that sticks strait up in the air. His face painted on with a grin which makes him look friendly instead of menacing as well as a green trex dinosaur which is by far Connor’s favorite as well as a few others.

Something is really pleasing about the fact that the Holztiger line is wood the soft painted on features which if you loose close you can still see the wood grain underneath and the carefully sanded corners give them a much more rounder appearance than you’d expect. The rope tails that many of the animals have are really kind of hilarious in the way that the point up or out instead of laying flat which I’m guessing over time and wear will slowly get softer and actually eventually lay flat after many years of children stroking them. The best part is they are very sturdy and even with constant handling they will be there for you to enjoy for a lifetime unlike plastic toys who’s legs break or colors fade. Wooden toys especially ones made of solid wood like these just start to gain character with every little nick or scratch they may pick up. Our lion cub got a slight ear chip his first week here and I have a feeling that will just become part of his “story” of some epic battle he was in as Connor grows.

Go check out Oompa Toys and see what sort of toys you can discover. I know we will be back to purchase more wooden animals to add to our collection in the future.


artist victoria o'neill said...

these are the best kinds of toys for kids because they allow the imagination to take over.....and are aesthetically pleasing.

A Family Completed... said...

These are really cool! Thanks for the review!

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