Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Follow that bird!

When I think of Big Bird I think of two things, the color yellow (which I despise by the way), and Connor's uncle Jason who loved Big Bird as a kid. I can't really blame Big Bird for the yellow part he can't help it that hew as made that color and I'm really not sure there is any other color that would work for him anyways.

The new Sesame Street DVD Follow That Bird is an unusual Sesame Street release as it is actually a movie, and Big Bird is the main character. Though Big Bird is an always present character you rarely see dvds dedicated all to him. What you might not know about Big Bird that this dvd reveals is Big Bird is actually a six year old orphan. For some reason I always thought of him as older, and I really never questioned his lack of parents on the show as you seem to see everyone else's parents at some point. Well when a new social worker shows up on Sesame Street she is convinced that Big Bird need to be in a feathered family. Big Bird is forced to pack up and move to Illinois to a bird family but he really just wants to be back at Sesame Street and he runs away.

This movie may not be the most exciting of all the Sesame Street dvds but I dare say it may just be the most important. Its so rare to see movies written about foster children much less putting a positive spin on it at all. I think there are so many kids out there that could really find comfort in Big Bird's story and even identify with him. Hey I even look at that big yellow bird in a whole new light now as well! Overall we loved it and its nice to see Big Bird get the screen time he deserves!

Follow That Bird the 25th Anniversary Edition is available right now on DVD at Amazon!


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