Monday, March 16, 2009

You'd never know its a sequal.

You know when there is a really great movie like The French Connection you always shutter at the thought of a squeal. You desperately want a sequel as its hard to say goodbye when a movie does so well but its hard to top a movie like that.

The French Connection II is hard to classify as a sequel. Though the man character is the same and the quest is still the same the movie itself is so diffrent. In the The French Connection II Doyle has gone to Marseilles to stop the French drug ring. He ends up getting captured, filled full of heroin, and faces not only the French police who are not all that keen on him but a cold turkey detox. This rough around the edges cop from New York is totally out of his element but completely determined. It's just one of those sequels that regardless if you saw the first movie or not you will love it.

The French Connection II on bluray is amazing the transfer is crisp and the film work is amazing. It was a fabulous movie in its time and I swear it looks better today.

The real treat is in the extras though including an interview with Gene Hackman, commentary, and an amazing still gallery.

The French Connection II is out on bluray right now and you can pick yours up on Amazon.


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