Sunday, March 15, 2009

A classic, but still freaking cool!

The French Connection is by far a classic and ironically the first time I saw it was a few years ago. I'm really not sure why especially seeing as I absolutely love Gene Hackmam. I think the problem comes in with the fact that my mother was a huge "cop drama" lover and most of what came out in teh 80s when it came to cop dramas was fluff and it just turned me off. Needless to say if you have never seen The French Connection you are totally missing out as the movie is amazing.

The French Connection is a totally raw police flick about a pretty pissed off New York detective that is bound and determined to crack the a drug ring in New York. If you know anything about cops there is this saying "walk the thin blue line" well Doyle the main character and cop in this movie really is walking on a razor thin line as he is so obsessed with his work that its hard to tell him from the bad guys.

Produced in the 1970s I was really curious as to how this would transfer onto bluray. I mean what you think of in bluray releases is newer features showing off their amazing soundtracks and great camera work. The French Connection though its a fabulous film it still is shot in this sort of gritty dirty looking camera work that I associate with other films of this era not to mention the real appeal of the movie. It's just not meant to look clean. The transfer to bluray is flawless and its really just amazing to see the film in bluray not to mention the upgrades to the soundtrack.

Regardless if you have seen the movie before or not the extras are amazing including a cool Trivia Track, Deleted Scenes, and a whole second disc full of specials including Anatomy of a Crime, Scene of the Crime, a BBC documentary, enough to keep you occupied a good day.

The French Connection is available right now on bluray and regardless if you have seen it before or its your first time its a real must see. Pick yours up on Amazon!


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