Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogher sponsorship wanted!

Looking for a very motivated blogger to sponsor for Blogher? The registration is still open and I would love to go and I'm more than willing to work something out with a sponsor to make it worth your wild.

Want me to hand out promo material, done, want me to wear a funny hat, sure.. done, find bloggers to do reviews of your product... absolutely. I'm down with pretty much anything you want me to do, minus wearing overalls, I live in Alabama but I most certainly do not dress like it! I can blog live from the event, twitter my heart out, the ideas are endless. I'm open to hearing all your ideas to make this sponsorship a worthy event for both of us just let me know what you have in mind.

This is what I need from a sponsor :

  • A place to sleep, you know a hotel room!
  • Airfaire both ways from Montgomery to Chicago.
  • My Blogher ticket, which your in luck as I am a full time student so that qualifies me for the $75 rate.
Thats all, I'll pay for my own cab rides, food, ect. So that means $75 for the Blogher pass, $350 for the plane ticket (as of today), $680 for the hotel for thurs-sun.

Though I'd really only like to have one sponsor I am possibly open to the idea of sharing the sponsorship between two companies. I don't want to spread myself too thin!


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