Friday, February 6, 2009

Can you imagine a stick vacumn that can hold its own against a regular vacumn?

Up till having a toddler I never really understood the reason behind stick vacuums. I mean what was the point of having a small vacuum with very little suction if you have a decent regular vacuum. Well I quickly rethought that theory after having to pull the big clunky vacuum cleaner out of the closet for the fifteenth time in one day because Connor has spilled cereal all over the floor and stomped it into crumbs all over the rug. Call me lazy but the last thing I want to do is drag out a vacuum and deal with Connor attempting to unplug it the entire time I'm vacuuming. As much as I hate to admit it I've even tried the "leaving the crumbs on the rug" method more than once and in fear of scaring outsiders or attracting bugs I've decided that's not a good method either.

So the question was where would I find a stick vacuum that would hold up to my big demands. First of all it had to look great seeing as it will be fixture in my living room for at least until Connor is old enough to use a big vacuum to clean up his own messes. It has to be sturdy as Connor also thinks that he is big enough to clean up his own messes right now and I know he would attempt to use it himself if given the chance. Most importantly though it had to be powerful enough to clean both hard wood, tile, and rugs without having to be charged after 10 minutes of use. I was pretty certain I could find something that would do most of whats on my list but up till now I really haven't seen a stick vacuum that was very affective on carpets nor one that had a decent lifespan on on charge so I figured I'd have to sacrifice.

I have to say though that the Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Stick Vacuum not only meets my wish list but this little vacuum almost gives my corded vacuum a run for its money. Actually since the new Hoover's arrival the "big" vacuum has only been out of the closet twice as I've been so happy with my new Hoover vacuum that my days of attempting to avoid the crumbs are totally over. I'm a girl that hates to clean.. and I say hate with a capitol H and this vacuum is so light and so easy to use that I find myself vacuuming up after Connor at nap time and sometimes before dinner as well. My floors are already thanking me.

The Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Stick Vacuum is really cool. It weighs in at barely over 7 pounds so its light enough that anyone can use it and moving it around the house and up and down stairs is a dream. Worrying about battery power is not an issue as this stick vac features one of the most powerful rechargeable batteries I've seen, a 18 Volt Lithium Ion battery allows me to vacuum the whole house almost three times before I have to recharge. The Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Stick Vacumn features almost everything my big vacuum does as well, its bag less, it has the same wind tunnel technology that the larger Hoovers have, and with a switch of a button right on the handle of the vacuum you can go from bare floors to brushes just like my big vacuum! Actually once I'm done vacuuming the carpets with my stick vac its really hard to tell which vacuum I used the stick vac or the full sized vacuum.

You can learn more about the Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Stick Vacuum on the Hoover website. I included it in my Valentine's Day Gift Guide and mark my words I do not usually recommend people to buy cleaning gadgets for a Valentine's Day gift as it sort of makes the assumption that you want someone to clean, but this vacuum makes life so much easier that every mom I know would be thrilled to have one.


Leane said...

Great review......I have a 17 mo old that has the same issues with our vacuum. Hoover should let you do a giveaway! That would be great. When a cleaning device can make the Valentine's must be love!

Teresa said...

Wow, thanks for this review. I've been looking for just this thing. My back hurts for a solid day after I use my big heavy vacuum.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the review! This is exactly the kind of vacuum I've been looking for! We have a Dirt Devil KRUZ, but the suction is absolutely pathetic.

Cordless stick vacuums are perfect for parents with toddlers...and I will definitely check into this one now that I found it here.

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