Friday, January 2, 2009

A special favor for a special day!!

Connor's birthday is coming up sooner than I would like and last year my biggest problem was finding unique favor and decorating ideas for his party. In the end last year I ended up staying awake all night making balloon animals all night. That would have been fine and dandy if it wasn't for the fact that the balloon animals did not last long once we were actually at the party. It was an outdoor party and it was a bit windy so though the kids loved the balloon animals they ended up all over the playground or worst ended up getting popped leaving crying kids. Nothing like having the head of a balloon dog going pop but the body still intact. It's a little unfestive. I was pretty proud of my animals though.

So this year for Connor's birthday I'm planning on using something that everyone will enjoy both kids and parents alike. Connor's favorite candy and one of the few candies I allow in the house is just plain chocolate M&Ms they are small, easy to ration, and as much as we both love chocolate I do not necessarily enjoy a candy bar dripping down the front of his face. M&Ms have always been our first choice for a chocolate craving as you can just eat a few and beat that craving and they are the perfect size for small rewards especially when we get to potty training.

Just plain ole M&Ms are fun and tasty but how cool would it be to have M&Ms made just for you. You can choose the color combos, add custom text, and even add a photo if you wish! So for Connor's birthday I can have a picture of the birthday boy on one side and Happy Birthday on the other. Talk about some jealous kiddies when they see the birthday boy on their favorite candy.

Now I just have to resist eating them until the big day! Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!

Make your own custom M&Ms at the M&Ms website!


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