Sunday, January 4, 2009

20 Books in a package the size of one!

Can you imagine having 20 classic stories in a package the size of a typical paperback novel? Well Scholastic has released the Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics which is a four dvd set that does indeed include 20 classic stories.

As a child I collected Caldecott Medal Award books. The main reason for this is I loved to read my books many times over and Caldecott Medal books always seemed to be as great if not better the first read as the fifteenth. Though I can't say I have ever seen some of my favorite childhood books on the TV. One of which was The Mouse and the Motorcycle a book by Beverly Cleary. The story of Ralph a mouse who has big dreams of owning his very own motorcycle. Ralph lives in a hotel and usually the only thing he gets from guests is the occasional crumb but when Keith, a boy with his family, checks into the hotel Ralph sees his chance to ride a motorcycle when he spot's Keith's toy motorcycle!

From familiar childhood classics like The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Diary of a Spider to books that are just as popular but I personally had never read such as Bear Snores On the Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics is a great set for any family. I've said it before and I will say it again any mom who makes a point to read a story before bedtime to their children, who wants a little break will relish the fact that the Scholastic Treasures series of dvds are like having a book brought to life. They are perfect for before bed, for afternoon quiet time, and I routinely use books on dvd to entertain Connor while I need a little study time. The other hidden benefit to the Storybook Treasures dvds is the fact that the dvds are read along as the words are shown as the narrator reads each book. This helps develop reading skills and allows children to practice and read along with the narrator.

Speaking of bedtime what is better than a book about taking a walk through the mysterious winter night. Owl Moon included on the Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics dvd is a great bedtime story. The little girl in the story and her father go on a nigh time walk looking for the mysterious owl. On the way they see many nigh time animals and the story itself and the illustrations are the perfect wind down story.

Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics is available right now on dvd and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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