Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lets not talk about the elephant in the room.

Connor has gotten some pretty cool things for review but nothing gets us excited about testing a product like a product that is well... anything you want it to be. I'm not sure if there is a name for toys like bObles or if they are even toys at all. But bObles are well um... for better lack of words, amazing.

bObles are creative play toys.. this means that they can be anything you want them to be. Made of several layers of thick foam. Some are thicker than others and they are shaped like diffrent animals. Our bObles is a foam elephant made of six layers of foam. Stand him on his legs and he is cool to sit on but flip him over on his side and he makes the perfect table for coloring. Flip him on his back and he even works as a rocking chair. You can stand on it, sit on it, play on it, or just use it as a cool piece of decoration in your room.

Connor likes to use his bObles elephant as a coloring table and most recently he sits on it like its a pony and slides backwards. It's really quite durable so much so that I can sit or stand on it myself without any issue so I'm fairly certain no matter what Connor does to it he can't hurt it. Elephants, fish, pigs, crocodiles, there are tons of choices in the bObles family. My favorite part is the fact that not only do they make for great creative playthings but they look amazing and are just as pretty as they are fun.

You can learn more about bObles on the bObles website.


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