Friday, January 9, 2009

Dance the fat away!

You know I can't say I've ever heard of Lisa Rinna before the Dance Body Beautiful DVD series ended up on my doorstep. Her face looks mildly familiar but I couldn't seem to place her so I ended up searching her down on google. Now I realize why I didn't place her before now its because she was an actress on Melrose Place which I was never that fond of. Regardless that has nothing really to do with a fitness dvd now does it?

Dance Body Beautiful Ballroom Learn & Burn and Jive, Jump, Ballroom Bump were shining hopefuls in my quest to loose some weight. I saved them till last in my fitness review list because I was positive they would be my favorite. Who wouldn't love shaking your hips to loose weight. Sadly the problem is I was sort of lost in the dvds. Lisa's dance routines on the Dance Body Beautiful series are fairly simple and though it took me few watches to get the idea the problem is that I found them very blah. Nothing is worst than exercising than exercising while bored out of your mind.

Lisa Rinna's dvds are not bad at all.. actually they are fairly easy to follow and far less painful than my current favorite dvds the Skinny Bitch series. The only issue is at least is that I just couldn't get into the routine. Though if your a fan of the rumba or the salsa the Dance Body Beautiful series is right up your alley! Dance Body Ballroom Learn & Burn and Jive, Jump, Ballroom Bump is available right now on DVD!

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Teresa said...

Glad you reviewed this. I was thinking about getting it, now I know it's hard to get into but easier than some others. I kinda like the easier part, but i'm not a fan of rumba or salsa.

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