Thursday, January 1, 2009

I think my stomach is on fire.

I rolled my eyes when the two new Skinny Bitch Fitness DVDs came in the mail a few weeks ago. I thought to myself, "Just great another one of those stuck up hard to follow impossible dvds that I always dread when it comes to working out all together". Remeber how I told you that December was the month of suprises? Well Skinny Bitch has to be one of the best workout DVD series I have ever used, and I'm not even gushing, seriously. Ok girls I know I know the last thing you want to see when your laying on the floor hating your baby flub belly is two goregous girls totally in shape referring to themselves as "skinny bitches" mostly because I know you've mumbled it under your breath when you see these amazing women carrying babies of their own walking past you while you stare down at your post baby almost still pregant looking belly or is that just me?

Well Rory and Kim the Skinny Bitches of Skinny Bitch Fitness are suprisingly awesome and welcoming. Ok for those of you that are squeamish of the bitch refrences I have to say.. for the sake of your stomach and even more so for every part of your body you want to change. Get over it. I just did the 20 minute ab routine on the Skinny Bitch body dvd and I happily had problems getting off the floor at the end. The routine started of so simple just a little side step and twist and I thought to myself, there is no way this can be that easy! Well it did get harder but following the routines did not. My biggest complain on any fitness dvd is I just cannot keep up with them when they are going right I'm going left or they are just doing moves I can't accompish at the beginning. Rory and Kim make it so simple and they go slow so its never hard to keep up. One of the girls also stays behind with us flubby butts and shows a modified version of the harder moves so everyone can keep up.

I'm pretty proud to say that I made it 15 minutes into the 20 minute workout without crying like a baby and without using too many of the modified moves. The last five minutes however I did start to crack a little but mostly beause up till then it seemed so easy I think my abs were just a bit in shock and it took them a moment to realize that I was giving them their first real workout in almost three years. (Connor is almost two and I know I didn't make much effort the entire time I was pregant.) I layed on the floor for a few minutes afterwards and felt sort of proud of myself even though my stomach did feel like I just got kicked. Rory and Kim however did a great job of encouraging without being too excited as nothing makes me more angry than a perky in shape girl who is spouting off happy thoughts while I'm laying on the floor in pain.

It almost seem weird to say this but I HIGHLY recommend Skinny Bitch Fitness both the new Skinny Bitch Fitness Boot Camp and the Skinny Bitch Fitness Body DVD to all my momma readers. Hey even if your a grandmother or have never had a kid you will love it and I promise if I can keep up with them you can as I have two left feet.

Both Skinny Bitch Fitness Boot Camp and Skinny Bitch Fitness Body are available right now on DVD you can pick up your copies on Amazon!

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Thanks for the tip... I think I might try it!

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