Monday, January 12, 2009

Delivery! It's not pizza!

I think of many things when I think of delivery services... newspapers, pizza, even movies these days can be mailed directly to your house in these little paper mailers. Books however up till now have not been on the menu.

I can't decide if Excite Books is named Excite Books because every little kid, and adult, loves getting letters addressed just to them. I have a little secret, I check the mailbox every morning obsessively for this very reason hoping there is a little letter, a package, something special just for me. The thrill of being a reviewer is sometimes I actually get my wish unexpectedly but the thrill really comes from the fact that when I first moved out of my parent's house my dad and sometimes my mom would send me little trinkets. Like the totally unexpected flowers or a little care package. Excite Books reminds me a bit of that or the care packages you keep hoping that will come when you leave for camp.

Excite Books is basicly a subscription service where you choose the age group and subscribe and Excite Books does the rest. Once a month your child gets a package that includes books, all family and teacher approved, a small toy, an educational workbook, and stickers. Nothing is better as a kid a secret package just for you and your not quite sure what will be inside. Connor got his first shipment a few weeks ago and inside was an adorable board book, two picture books, tons of stickers which he proceeded to stick all over the oven, and a sticker book which I stashed away for him as his fine motor skills are not quite good enough to get those stickers in the right place so I'm going to hold on to it for a few more months for him.

If your looking to give a gift that litterally keeps on giving as its really a little bit of suprise present every month Excite Books is an awesome service. If your concerned that the books every month will fill up your bookshelf a bit too fast you will also be glad to know that you also get a paid mailer that allows you to put your books inside and donate them to a libary in need!

Go check out Excite Books and pick up a subscription for your child. You can choose between a one two or three books a month subscription and what age group you would like, from infant to teenager, or even cookbooks for yourself!


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