Monday, December 15, 2008

I think we might just have a seven victor on our patio.

Heh.. Ok that title totally cracks me up and I'm sure you guys have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about so let me clue you in. It seems that twice a year some teenager in the neighborhood gets a wild hair up their.. um.. you know what and goes on a vehicle breaking and entering spree. Mind you they don't actually BREAK into cars, but if you happen to leave it unlocked, tada, anything in it won't be there in the morning. Mind you my five hundred dollar stroller and insanely expensive car seat not to mention Connor's large collection of children's cds are still there every single time it happens so I'm going to guess that the robber does not indeed have children. Actually come to think about it he hasn't really touched a thing in my car other than my lucky $2 bill which I guess was not so lucky and all of my change. I'm also starting to wonder if that's what happened to my video camera. That brings me to the point, what exactly is a seven victor?? It's the local police code for robbery of a vehicle. I know more codes too.. heh.. but that's all I ever hear these days from the adult people in my life.

Well Connor's daddy might be out saving the world, or at least the city at night, and who is supposed to protect me? Fear not dear people I have a little police officer of my own and he may not be packing a gun but he has his own set of sirens thanks to the awesome people at Hasbro. Playskool Helmet Heroes have to be one of the cutest toys out at the moment. The Helmet Heroes sets come in either a police officer or a race car driver and you know hands down Connor was going to be a mini police officer. His little Helmet Heroes hat has its own set of working lights, sirens, and even a microphone! How cool is that?

The helmet is controlled by a set of handlebars that looks like the steering for a motorcycle. From the handlebars you can control the lights on the helmet, the built in microphone, siren, and even be sent on make believe missions by a dispatcher who talks through the handlebars. One nice little feature, the handlebars have to be in a direct line under the helmet to work, this means that you can not sit on the couch and control the helmet from across the room. Seeing as Connor likes to play with the handlebars separately at times its such a blessing that he is not setting off the helmet from across the room.

The Helmet Heroes play sets are recommended for children three and up. Unless you have a very large toddler I would say that's a very accurate description as Connor can work the handlebars now but the helmet is a bit too heavy and large for his head quite yet. Don't tell but usually he makes me wear the helmet and he works the handlebars from my lap. No, you cannot have a picture so don't even ask, heh. The helmet does not quite fit my head but we work it out regardless. I suspect in a few months after his next growth spurt we will be in business with him wearing the helmet and me just acting as the "villain" for him to track down and arrest. As he really starts to realize what his daddy does for a living I have a feeling that Helmet Heroes set will get a lot of use in the future.

If your looking for a gift for preschooler boy or even a preschooler girl who likes cars believe me you can't go wrong with Helmet Heroes and its so much nicer than letting them ride those small battery powered four wheelers in the house as believe me my walls have been taking a beating lately from one.

You can pick up your own Helmet Heroes play set on the Hasbro website!


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