Monday, December 15, 2008

Even kids can make their own videos these days.

My parents would have bopped me across the head for even considering touching their video camera when I was growing up. Mind you that the thing was as big as I was and took a full sized VCR tape to record on. It makes me laugh still thinking about my grandfather walking around with that full sized camera looking like something off a movie set. He took so many videos of us growing up I wonder what happened to them all. My grandfather was quite the guy, he spoiled us silly along with my grandmother and I remember sitting behind stacks of presents taller than I was on Christmas morning. I'm not even exaggerating I wish I had a picture but when my cousin would stack up the presents in front of me there was NO way for me to see over them. Looking under my own Christmas tree I have to admit I may be continuing that tradition. heh. Seriously enough though a good majority of those presents were always clothes enough to last me all year and I'm sure that thrilled my mother to no end.

Now with that said its still unimaginable that for one that digital video cameras are so affordable these days that I believe its a crime for a family not to own one, not to mention that they are small, lightweight, and easy to use enough that they make suitable gifts for children as well! The Discovery Digital Video Camera is one such camera designed for children but adults will have a hard time keeping their hands off of it as well! The Discovery Digital Video Camera does not use any film, actually the only media it uses is a SD memory card, which is not included, that will store your videos and allow you to transfer them easily to another device or your computer. Actually as cheap as SD memory cards are these days you can just buy two and have one to trade out when your copying movies as well. Either way you can decide how much storage space you need by what size SD Card you buy.

The Discovery Digital Video Camera is very light weight, includes a 1.4" LCD view screen that allows you to see what your taping as well as play back your videos. It even comes with its own video editing software to make life as simple as possible. What is still hard for me to imagine is that the Digital Video Camera was designed with kids in mind as its just too much fun not to mention easy to use so adults may want one form themselves as well. Actually I would consider it a great first digital video camera for non computer savvy adults or the grandparents as it has minimal buttons to push and there is not much of a learning curve, point the camera, look through the view finder, and record. Simple as that. Priced at under $80 you will love the price not to mention the fact that its affordable for just about anyone on your list.

You read more about the Discovery Digital Video Camera as well as buy your own at the Discovery Store.

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Brn2lisn said...

I can not believe how far technology has come these days. This is incredible.

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