Friday, November 7, 2008

Your parking space has your name on it!

When it comes to decorating a kid's bedroom Olive Kids is always my first stop. From Pirates to Mermaids your bound to find something to decorate your child's bedroom that suits your little person. Bright Colors, large sets that include everything from wall clocks, shaped pillows, and rugs you can covert an otherwise boring bed room to something really exciting. To make things even more special a large majority of the items in the catalog are customizable.

If your looking for one special item for your holiday list their floor pillows are not only customizable but very versatile. Available in a large variety of color/design choices each of the floor pillows is customizable to include your child's name or even a nickname to make their pillow all their own. The Olive Kids Floor pillows make great room decorations, look great at the head of a bed, or are the perfect companion for watching morning cartoons. Connor has a rocket ship floor pillow with his name embroidered on it. Since I just broke down and installed his own TV in his room I find him sitting and watching his favorite shows propped up on his pillow. As we prepare for a transition to a toddler bed in a few months the floor pillow will also be a great pillow to prop up against his back for reading books at night as well. Its actually a rather big pillow but not so big that you can't take it pretty much everywhere with you.

Floor pillows are not the only personalized item that would make for a great Christmas gift, you can see the entire selection of personalized gifts available from Olive Kids on their website!


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